Gautami Deshpande and Swanand decided? Sai Tamhankar’s comment sparks discussion – mrunmayee deshpande sister gautami deshpande relationship photo viral sai tamhankar comment

Mumbai: Gautami Deshpande, a popular actress in the Marathi cinema world, is currently in the limelight. Gautami has reached the household due to the serial Maja Hosheel Na. Even after the end of the series, its popularity continues. Apart from the entertainment world, Gautami is also active on social media. Gautami has been sharing her photos in different looks on social media. Dhammal also shares fun videos, posts with her elder sister Mrinmayi. Fans are also commenting on her posts. But currently Gautami is in the news for a different reason. Discussions about Gautami’s relationship have come to the fore. A few days ago, Gautami and Mrinmayi shared some family photos from a wedding. Gautami’s relationship was discussed after seeing such a photo.

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Mrinmayi-Gautami shared some of their personal photos. But one of his photos caught the attention. In the first photo in Mrinmayi’s post is her husband Swapnil Rao. While in the second photo, Swanand Tendulkar is also present along with Swapnil, Mrinmayi and Gautami. This photo became the reason for discussion. Netizens have commented on this photo and asked questions to Gautami. Actress Sai Tamhankar has also made a comment in this. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what Gautami will answer to this now.

What is Sai’s comment?
Sai Tamhankar has commented on the photos of Gautami and Swand. She said, ‘Hey Swanand Tendulkar!!’ Responding to Sai’s comment Mr. Mayim said ‘Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmmmmm’. It has been said.

Who is Swanand Tendulkar?
Swanand Tendulkar is the Vice President of Bhadipa. He also dominates YouTube. Meanwhile, Swanand is also a content creator and many of his reels go viral on social media.

Meanwhile, talking about Gautami’s work, she has not been seen much after the serial Maja Hosheel Na.

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