Garland around the neck, ‘he’ standing next to him…; Did Sai Pallavi get married secretly? The truth of the viral photo is finally out

Sai Pallavi Wedding : South actress Sai Pallavi rules the hearts of millions of children. She has millions of fans not only in India but also abroad. It goes without saying that Sai Pallavi is famous for her no makeup look. She is a popular actress in south cinema industry. Not only her acting but her dancing skills are equally good. Her dancing also has some fans. Her fans want to know all her updates. Currently a photo of Sai is going viral on social media. After seeing this photo, many have said that Sai is finally married. Let’s know the truth behind it…



Sai Pallavi’s fan club has shared a photo from their page. Sai Pallavi is seen with a person in this photo. Both of them have garlands of flowers around their necks. Along with that there is also criticism on the forehead of both of them. Seeing this photo of them, it is said that both of them got married in a very simple way. While sharing this photo, he has given a caption that finally Sai got married. So they got married and proved that love has no color. Salute to you Sai. Many people are wondering why that fan page was given such a caption, but the caste difference between Sai Pallavi and that person. Sai was said to have secretly married Prince Periyamasamy.

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Many people have commented on this viral photo of Sai and wished him on his marriage. Because these days many celebrities are secretly getting married. So many people believed this news. However, what is the truth behind that photo? This has now come to light. The truth of this photo came to light when director Rajkumar shared it through his X account i.e. Twitter account. In it, she said that she is accompanied by her co-star Sivakarthikeyan in the film. Both of them have a film coming up. The name of this movie is SK21 and this photo is during the movie launch event. Sai Pallavi will be seen with Rajkumar in the photo. Both of them have garlands of flowers around their necks. This necklace was worn by him during the puja.

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