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Kedar Shinde On Kalavantancha Ganesh : across the country Ganeshotsav 2023 Enthusiasm is visible. Like ordinary people, Bappa has also been seated in the houses of celebrities. A popular film-director in the Marathi entertainment industry Kedar Shinde And Ganapati Bappa’s relationship is also special.

Speaking to ABP Maja about Bappa, Kedar Shinde said, “Ganpati and I have a close relationship since childhood. My career started from Ganeshotsav itself. I took my first step on the stage through the program of Ganeshotsav Mandal in Shahir Sable’s colony. So with the blessings of Ganaraya, my career began. All in all the relationship with Bappa has been strong from the beginning and will continue to be”.

At Kedar Shinde’s house, Ganapati is celebrated for one and a half days. Bappa has been coming to their house since 2010. Speaking about this, he said, “I wanted a little bigger place than where I was living. I had expressed my desire to the Raja of Lalbaug (Lalbaugcha Raja 2023). I told the Raja that, “If I get a little bigger place in my own building, I will do prestige. In the same year I got the big house I wanted in my own building. From that year we started installing Ganpati. For 10 years in a row, we had a replica of the King of Lalbagh. Sculptor Santosh Kambli used to make this idol. But after Corona, we started bringing idol of Shadu. Now we get the idol of Bappa from Vishal Shinde, an idol maker who lives in Lower Paral. This year Bappa sat in our new house”.

Kedar Shinde thanked Bappa

Talking about Bappa, Kedar Shinde further said, “I have a lot of faith in Siddhivinayak. So I visit him once a week whenever I get time. I feel that Bappa is with me. We only ask anything from Bappa or Swami. But sometimes we want to thank Him.” I was told by my daughter Sana. So when Bappa came to the new house, we all thanked him. ‘Maharashtra Shahir’, the success of ‘Baipan Bhaari Deva’, step into the new house, so it seems that Bappa is with us. If not, it is with us. I think we three live in the house where Ganapati Bappa is”.

Kedar Shinde said, “Nowadays there is a great need to be aware. We should celebrate eco-friendly festivals. Nature or environment should not be harmed in any way. If we do not improve now, the times ahead will be very difficult. Future generations will not forgive us at all. So I challenge everyone, I have started with me. But we should celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner”.

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