Gadhvach Lagn Fame Makarand Anaspure Lovestory With Wife Shilpa Anaspure They Did Intercast Marriage; You will not be able to gather with him; The advice given by the father to the wife of Makarand Anaspuren before marriage, because…

Went to meet Shilpa’s father

Shilpa and Makarand first met on the sets of the drama ‘Jaubai Jorat’. They both liked each other. But at Makarand’s house, their marriage talks were going on. He told this story to actor Mangesh Desai that mother was bringing Beed’s girls locations. Mangesh told him that you should marry Shilp directly. They started teasing Makarand in the name of Shilpa. Makarand then took this matter to heart and went to meet Shilpa’s father.

You will come back later

Makarand’s wife Shilpa is also an actress. His home conditions were very good. But Makarand did not even have a house to stay at that time. Makarand went to Shilpa’s house to demand it. He spoke to his father. After everything was said, Shilpa’s father said to his own daughter, ‘Shilpa, the boy seemed very good. He will take good care of you. You won’t be able to handle him. At most you will stay with him for two months. You will come back later.’

Did not leave support

He added, ‘Initially out of love you will say that I am happy, happy. But later you will tell him that in my house it happens like this, it happens like that. He will have fever in his head. You will not be able to do this.’ But they decided to get married and got stuck in marriage. But after that a little bit of quarrel started between them. Shilpa who says how do you sit like this, how do you eat like this, used to call Makarand, I already eat like this. It fits like this. However, they did not leave each other’s side.

Shilpa lives in a flat

After marriage, Makarand rented a room in Vartaknagar in Thane. Shilpa, who lived in a flat with her parents, came to live in a small room after marriage. She is very afraid of cockroaches. And that room was closed for many days. So when Shilpa went to the kitchen for the first time, she screamed loudly when she saw the cockroaches there. They did not go to the kitchen after that. And that day Makarand and Shilpa worked on the apple they had and without eating secretly fell asleep.

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