Gadchiroli News Salary In Lakhs And Teacher Kept Student Rs 1500 In His Own Place To Teach Students Maharashtra

Gadchiroli: School is a temple of knowledge. School is very important in everyone’s life. Quality education produces quality students. An ideal teacher truly builds a nation by shaping the lives of students. But in Gadchiroli (Gadchiroli) type is going to disrupt all this. The mismanagement of the education department of Zilla Parishad has been exposed once again. The teacher of the Charavidand Zilla Parishad school in Korchi taluka of Gadchiroli district has appointed a student on a daily basis to do the academic lessons in his place. After this incident came to light, there has been a lot of excitement in the education sector and there is a demand to take action against the teacher who is dereliction of duty.

It is seen that the game of education of the students in Zilla Parishad schools in rural areas has deteriorated. After Palghar, in Gadchiroli, such a situation has been revealed in Gadchiroli, where the government takes a huge salary to teach children in school but hires teachers on wages to teach children without going to school. A shocking incident has come to light that teacher Sushil Adikne kept a student in his place almost every day at Zilla Parishad Primary School Charavidand, which is 19 km away from the headquarters of Korchi in Gadchiroli district.

In one and a half thousand, he hired a student to teach in his place

Zilla Parishad Primary School Charavidand has classes from 1st to 5th and there are 16 students in total. But if teachers do not come to school, then how will these students learn? Such a question is being raised. Sushil Adikane, a teacher of Zilla Parishad primary school in Charwidand, which is dominated by tribals, paid Rs 1,500 a month to teach a 12th-educated female student of Charwidand. A bogus teacher was found to have been appointed by the teachers in the school which has created a stir. It is also complained that these teachers come one or two days in a week or not at all. Two teachers were suspended in a similar case earlier. Now, everyone is paying attention to what action will be taken in this latest case.

Put a retired teacher in his place, students sat playing cards in the school

A shocking fact has come to light that instead of books, students of Zilla Parishad School Sutrakar Dongarpada in Talasari taluka have gambling cards in their hands. Photos of students playing cards in the classroom have come to light. Not only this, it has also come to light that the native teachers of this school hired teachers on wages. As a result, the education of students in Zilla Parishad schools in rural areas is seen to have deteriorated. It has come to light in Talasari taluka that the government used to take huge salary to teach children in school but hired teachers on wages to teach children without going to school.

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