“Four days ago a very bad thing happened to us…”, recounts the incident by Jui Gadkari of ‘Tharal Te Maag’ fame; Said… | tharla tar mag fame Jui Gadkari talk about which day will skip in the life

Actress Jui Gadkari aka Sayali from the serial ‘Tharlam Ter Mag’ is always in the news for some reason or the other. Sometimes due to posts on social media, sometimes due to things in personal life. A few days ago there were rumors that her marriage was fixed. On February 4, 2024, it was rumored that Jui would get married. But in the serials in which she has worked so far, everyone teases her because her marriage was on 4th February, Jui put a stop to these discussions. A few days ago, a bad thing happened to Jui, who is in such discussion. She recently told this incident while interacting with an entertainment YouTube channel.

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Bappa was seated at Jui Gadkari’s house for one and a half days. Yesterday, Jui said goodbye to her beloved Bappa. “Come early next year…and this year you will definitely fulfill what I asked,” she wrote while sharing Bappa’s photo on social media.

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On the occasion of Bappa, Jui recently interacted with the entertainment YouTube channel ‘Ultra Marathi Buzz’. At that time, she was asked, ‘If you were given a chance to remove one day from your life, which day would you remove?’ On this, Jui said, “I don’t ask for that much, because every day someone teaches me something.” But four days ago a very bad thing happened to us. Everyone knows I have eight cats. This is my baby. One of them passed four days ago. She was very ill for the last four months. It was slowly recovering. Our Chakuli had a kidney cyst. Later, her condition was so bad that Baba used to apply saline to her every day. He used to feed her every day. But then she started eating on her own. was recovering.”

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“But she had a sudden cardiac arrest. I could not even come to meet her. Because the next day I had a Madla call time at half past six. I spoke to her last night at 11:30 on a video call. She was trying to respond to me, but at one o’clock in the morning her heart stopped beating. I will remove this day from my life. Not this day, because I can’t think like that about my babies,” said Jui.

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