Fifty in just 9 balls! Nepal’s Dipendra Singh breaks Yuvraj Singh’s record Asian Games Nepal Dipendra Singh breaks Yuvraj Singh record smashes fifty in just 9 balls

Asian Games Dipendra Singh Airee


Nepal’s Dipendra Singh Airey has achieved a historic feat in the Asian Games. Dipendra now holds the record for scoring the fastest half-century in T20 cricket. He has also broken the record of India’s Yuvraj Singh by scoring a fifty in just 9 balls.

Nepal vs Mongolia T20 match started today (September 27) in the Asian Games. Nepal performed very well in this match. Nepal set up a mountain of 314 runs against Mongolia. This is the highest score by any team in the T20 format. Nepal has become the first cricket team to cross the 300-run mark in T20.

Fastest Fifty

Nepal’s Dipendra Singh Airey smashed fifty in just nine balls, breaking India’s Yuvraj Singh’s record held 16 years ago. Yuvraj scored the fastest fifty against England in T20 World Cup in 2007.

Dipendra played only 10 balls, but in this he hit eight sixes. He remained unbeaten on 52 runs.

First century by a Nepalese player

Nepal’s Kushal Malla scored a century in 34 balls. Kushal became the first cricketer from Nepal to score a century in T20 cricket.

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