Famous director Ravi Jadhav bought an eco-friendly car, will be shocked to read the price – Marathi News | Marathi director ravi jadhav buys new eco friendly electric car shared video

Famous Marathi director Ravi Jadhav is in the news. He gave many hit movies like Timepass, Balak Palak, Natrang, Balgandharva to the cinema industry. Apart from Marathi, Ravi Jadhav also made his mark in Hindi cinema. His recently released web series Tali became popular. Ravi Jadhav is currently in the limelight because of his new white car. He has bought a new Kori electric car on the occasion of Ghatasthalpan.

Ravi Jadhav has shared a video of his new blank car on his social media account. He has bought an electric car Toyota Hycross ZX(O). The price of this car is around 30 lakhs. Sharing a video of the new car, Ravi Jadhav called it an “eco-friendly luxury family member”. Commenting on his video, fans have wished him well.

Ravi Jadhav’s film ‘Me Atal Hoon’ will soon hit the screens. Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi is playing the lead role in this movie. The audience is also waiting for his film ‘Baal Shivaji’. Actor Akash Tosar will be seen in the lead role in this film.

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