“Faced with the contempt of the government, we have no other choice”

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The collective Doctors for Tomorrow renewed its strike for a week on Monday and is calling for a doubling of the consultation price to 50 euros. If most unions did not heed this call, they claim to share the anger of the liberal doctors.

After a week of strike, the showdown continues. The collective Doctors for Tomorrow renewed its call for closure of practices for a week, Monday 2 January. According to its spokesperson, the psychiatrist Noëlle Cariclet, the collective brings together nearly 15,000 liberal doctors and calls in particular for the price of the consultation to be doubled, to set it at 50 euros, against 25 now. About 57,000 out of 80,000 general practitioners and 43,000 out of 126,000 specialists were in private practice in France in 2022.

“Due to the lack of response, we decided to renew the strike,” explains this liberal psychiatrist who practices in a medical desert in Seine-et-Marne. Faced with the contempt of the government, we have no choice. We are very concerned about the future of medicine.”

Indeed, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, François Braun, responded on December 27 by “definitely condemning” the strike movement, while France is in the grip of a triple epidemic of flu, covid-19 and bronchiolitis. . For his part, the director-general of health insurance, Thomas Fatôme, on Monday called the doubling of the price of consultations “extravagant”, while the Samu deplored a strike “at the worst time”. But for the collective, which won’t budge, it’s a necessary “stimulus” to make up for the lack of doctors.

“One in two doctors has a burnout”

“Consultation fees have not increased in 20 years, unlike rates, especially in the current context of inflation,” emphasizes Dr. Cariclet. We are witnessing the deterioration of the health system, one in two doctors has a burnout… While it is possible to improve things thanks to our proposals.”

The increase in the price of the consultation, in particular, forces doctors to liberalize in order to invest and hire more staff, while the administrative burden is increasing and “tiring”, according to Doctors for Tomorrow. They thus represent up to 20% of a liberal doctor’s working time, i.e. about 12 hours per week, of the 55 he works on average.

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“In my office, we share a secretary for nine doctors,” continues Dr. Cariclet. Suffice it to say that even if I pay her, I never call her, she has no time! I had to take the mobilizer three and a half days out of 2022 plus. So I have to manage on my own, wasting a lot of time.

Behind this workload are the certificates demanded by various administrations and institutions, but also the exchanges with the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

“Municipalities, for example, ask for a medical certificate to reimburse the three euros from a sick child’s canteen, explains Dr. Cariclet. It’s completely useless! Furthermore, there are all exchanges with the various social security funds, for example when information is missing at a consultation. Personally, I prefer not to fill out these papers to save time, even if it comes down to being on my wages since Social Security is not paying me. I would rather not even calculate my deficit.”

“General medicine is being mistreated”

Amid conventional negotiations, the main unions have not called for a strike, but they claim to share Doctors’ “anger” for tomorrow. “We all make the same diagnosis. I spend an hour every evening doing the administration, while I have a secretary, and I work 60 hours a week, explains Jean-Christophe Nogrette, general practitioner and deputy secretary general of the MG France trade union (majority). General medicine has been mistreated for a long time and fewer and fewer young people want to do it, which was predictable and infuriating. But demanding a doubling of fees does not make sense.”

The union believes that the revaluation of the consultation fees should mainly be aimed at general practitioners, who represent 50,000 of the 80,000 general practitioners. Because, according to the Confederation of French Medical Trade Unions (CSMF), while more and more young doctors are giving up due to lack of visibility, their patient base has increased by 20% since 2016.

“It is a priesthood, and it is the most difficult and least paid form of family medicine, emphasizes Jean-Christophe Nogrette. So we need a massive reappraisal of drug treatment, but not necessarily of all of them. Specifically, 50 euros for a consultation with a diagnosis of angina is too much, it is already commendable for 25 euros. is not enough.”

Towards a hierarchy of the price of the consultation?

The CSMF also favors a hierarchy of the price of the consultation according to its complexity. It nevertheless calls for the strike to be limited to Saturday morning, so as not to destabilize a health system already strained by winter epidemics.

“We have called for accountability, but we expect the government to hear us during the conventional negotiations, which will resume next week until the end of February,” emphasizes Franck Devulder, gastroenterologist and chairman of the CSMF. 50 euros per consultation seems unlikely to us, but it is true that 25 euros has become inappropriate, and we share the general frustration. In my company, most of my younger colleagues earn less than their husbands. They are the ones who become the adjustment variable for the household, this is unprecedented. If the negotiations fail, we will respond.”

Meanwhile, Doctors for Tomorrow is calling for a demonstration on Thursday, January 5, after which it should be collectively received by the Minister of Health.

“The stalemate will continue, that’s for sure, but probably not in this form,” says the collective’s spokesperson. This strike should not have happened already, but it is not affecting our patients, so we are going to think about actions that will put more pressure on the institutions to change things and stop being ignored as they have been for years. Listen, and we expect a lot from the treaty negotiations. Because it makes no sense for a doctor to go on strike.”

Health insurance recorded a 10% drop in activity for liberal doctors last week, while the commission says 70% of GPs have closed their practices. Liberal biologists also went on strike. On Monday they are called not to report. Since the results of the Covid-19 tests make it possible to monitor the evolution of the epidemic, to dispute the amount of savings required of them after a sharp increase in their profits during the crisis. plumbing.

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