Eyewitness to woman’s death in Delhi

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According to an eyewitness, he chased the car with his bicycle

New Delhi:

An eyewitness to the Kanjhawala incident in Delhi, where a 20-year-old girl was killed after her scooter was reportedly hit by a car and dragged a few miles on Sunday, has told of the horrific ordeal.
Deepak Dahiya runs a pastry shop on Kanjhawala Road in Ladpur village.

He said the defendants continued to drag the girl’s body, which became entangled in their vehicle, 11 to 12 miles and it took about an hour and a half.

“It was 3:20 am… I was outside the store when I heard a loud noise from a vehicle about 100 yards away. Earlier I thought it was a blown tire. As soon as the car started moving I saw a body being dragged in. I immediately alerted the police,” Dahiya told ANI.

After some time, he said around 3:30 a.m., the car turned over and the woman’s corpse was still trapped under the vehicle. Dahiya said the suspect repeatedly drove about 4 to 5 kilometers on the road while turning back.

“I tried several times to stop them, but they didn’t stop the vehicle. For about an hour and a half, they carried the girl’s body for about 20 km,” he said.

Dahiya said he was also chasing the car with his bicycle and was in contact with the police.

After about an hour and a half, the body fell from the car near Jyoti village on Kanjhawala Road, after which the suspect fled, he said.

“It can’t just be an accident,” Dahiya stressed.

Speaking to ANI, Harendra Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Outer Delhi said that at the time of the incident, the girl fell off the scooter and was dragged under the car for a long distance. The police arrested the suspect based on the license plate of the car.

“The suspect told the police that the windows of the vehicle were closed and the music was on high volume, so they didn’t learn… When they heard they had fled,” the DCP said.

A 20-year-old girl was killed after being hit by a car and then dragged along the road for a few miles, getting caught in its wheels, police said on Sunday.

Police said the girl’s condition was so bad after the incident that after she was dragged away, her clothes and even the back of her body were ripped off.

The head of the Delhi Women’s Commission (DCW), Swati Maliwal, also heard about the case and notified the Delhi Police.

“The naked body of a girl was found in Kanjhawala in Delhi. It is said that drunk guys hit her with a car and dragged her for miles. This case is very dangerous, I am giving a summons to Delhi Police. The full truth must come out,” she said in a tweet.

Speaking to ANI, she also claimed that the five men in the vehicle were drunk.

“A very disturbing incident has occurred. A girl was hit by a car and then dragged across the road. The car was driven by five very drunk people. I have called the Delhi Police to ask how justice will be done to the girl. Secondly, I want to ask, although the girl was dragged for miles, no checkpoint could catch anything. Nobody arrested these drunk people. This is a very scary incident and shocking,” she said.

A PCR call was received at Kanjhwala police station early Sunday morning saying a car had been spotted with a body carried away. At 4:11 a.m. another PCR call was received about the body of the girl lying on the road.

The police then alerted the officers deployed to the picket line and a search for the vehicle was launched.

The girl’s body was sent to SGM Hospital in Mangolpuri, where she was pronounced dead. The body was then kept in the hospital morgue.

The suspect car has now also been found and the five occupants have been arrested at their homes.

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