Eric Swalwell challenges Ted Cruz to bet on Cowboys-49ers game, it goes wrong

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It is not uncommon for politicians from states with rival teams to challenge each other to bets. What is unusual, however, is that the politician who proposed the bet was rejected as ruthlessly as California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell was when he approached Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

The Cowboys put the brakes on the Bucs on Monday night. That means Dallas has a ticket to the Divisional Round and a date with the 49ers in San Francisco next weekend.

Swalwell decided to take the opportunity and challenge Cruz to a bet. If the 49ers win, Cruz won’t be able to tweet for the rest of January. Likewise, Swalwell won’t be able to tweet for the rest of the month if the Cowboys win.

Seems fair, right?

But then Cruz raised the bar.

Cruz’s reference to a Chinese dinner is a clear reference to Swalwell’s alleged affair with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang.

The comment did not go unnoticed by Twitter followers.

An excellent burn from Cruz, for sure. It would have been better to lose Swalwell on Twitter for two weeks. But that’s highly unlikely as the Cowboys are likely to lose to the 49ers.


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