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Team India Points Table


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Team India Points Table

ODI World Cup 2023 Team India Points Table :

There are many interesting matches taking place in ODI World Cup. The first match of the Indian team was against Australia. Team India has started the World Cup with a win. Now the Indian team will play a double-header against the Afghanistan team tomorrow at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. (Latest News)

Meanwhile, despite winning the first match, the Indian team was at the bottom of the ODI World Cup points table. England defeated Bangladesh today. Due to this, two people benefited one team India and the other team i.e. England. Because England’s run rate was very low, it improved. Team India has directly entered the top 4. So the Indian team benefited from England’s victory.

Before the match between England and Bangladesh, New Zealand was at the top of the points table with four points. South Africa was second with two points. Pakistan team was at the third position with two points due to good run rate. Along with this, Bangladesh team also had two points in one match. Also the net run rate was better than the Indian team. So the team was ranked fourth. But now the picture of the scoreboard is reversed.

According to the new ranking, the New Zealand team is at the first position. This team has four points. The net run rate of the team is also very good. The second number is the team of South Africa. This team has two points. Pakistan team is third with two points. On the other hand, the Indian team is now ranked fourth with two points. The Bangladesh team, which is ranked fourth, has now directly reached the sixth position. The England team has come fifth.

What will happen if Pakistan wins?

Now the match is going on between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Whichever team wins this match, the points table will change again. If the Pakistan team wins, the Pakistan team will directly move to the second position. If the Sri Lankan team wins, it will be their first win in this World Cup. If Sri Lanka wins and Team India wins tomorrow i.e. Wednesday, then the Indian team will go straight from fourth to second. The semi-finals will be very close.

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