“…Eknath Shinde was to be ‘encountered'”, sensational statement of Shinde group MLA | cm eknath shinde encounter was planned by naxal gadchiroli big claim by sanjay gaikwad

MLA Sanjay Gaikwad of the Shinde group has made a sensational statement that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde was going to be killed in an encounter. Gaikwad has also said that I am doing this secret explosion responsibly. After the statement of Sanjay Gaikwad, the political circle has become excited. Also, who was involved in making Eknath Shinde’s encounter? Gaikwad has also made an indicative statement about this.

While exploding the conspiracy to kill Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, MLA Sanjay Gaikwad said, “Eknath Shinde was not going to be given anything else, he was going to be given death. They were to be met by Naxalites. His dream of killing the Chief Minister by handing it over to the Naxalites has been dashed. I am making this disclosure with utmost responsibility.”

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What is the exact background behind the alleged encounter with Eknath Shinde? When asked this question, Sanjay Gaikwad further said, “Eknath Shinde was threatened by the Naxalites when he was the guardian minister of Gadchiroli. After this threat, the state government decided to provide Z Plus security to Eknath Shinde. A meeting was held at the home of the then Home Minister Shambhuraj Desai to provide this security. At that time a call came from ‘Matoshree’ (Uddhav Thackeray’s residence) and was told not to give Z Plus security to Eknath Shinde. What does this mean? You were out to kill them. They wanted to be killed by Naxalites. So they denied security to Eknath Shinde.”

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