During Bangladesh’s Celebrity Cricket League a fight broke out between the two teams over the umpire’s decision in which 6 people were badly injured.

Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League: Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Cricket is specially worshiped in India. It is not a big deal if there are small and big disputes in such a big game. But sometimes arguments escalate even while playing. A similar pattern was seen in the league played in Bangladesh. Filmmakers Mustafa Kamal Raj and Dipankar Deepon were playing a Celebrity Cricket League match in Bangladesh, but something happened during it that took everyone by surprise.

Six players were seriously injured

The game of cricket is also called a gentleman’s game, where all the players accept the decision of the umpires as final, be it right or wrong. Although the players have often been seen arguing during the game on the field, they have rarely had an altercation between them. Now a video has come out from Bangladesh which is shocking for cricket and cricket fans. Here, during a match of the Celebrity Cricket League, a freestyle brawl was witnessed between the players over the umpires’ decisions. Literally, cricket turned into WWE where the players fought with kicks, punches, punches, cricket bats and stumps. The video of this scuffle is going viral on social media. During these fights, six people were seriously injured and admitted to hospital.

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What exactly happened in the match?

For information, the match was played between both teams, but as the controversy escalated, it didn’t take long for the cricket tournament to turn into a global wrestling entertainment match. It is said that an argument broke out between the two teams after the third umpire gave a wrong decision. After the umpire gave a wrong decision, both teams had a good fight. Players started hitting each other with bats, resulting in serious injuries to many players. The players have been injured in this scuffle and have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Due to this conflict, the entire tournament was played before the semi-finals.

Raj Ripa, who was playing in the match, said in his statement on social media, “Everyone saw what happened during the match. The ball had gone over the boundary line but the management refused to acknowledge it. Kamal Raj’s team players were drunk and even threw water bottles at our team players. This made the dispute even more heated.”

A scuffle is seen in the video

The video of the conflict between the two teams has also come out. In which one can clearly see how the players of both the teams are fighting with each other. At this point several people tried to mediate, but the players continued to fight. As a result, many players have been injured and have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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