Do you know what these Marathi celebrities have done in other fields, Shri Ganesha, Bhargavi? – prajakta mali bhargavi chirmuley amruta khanvilkar and other marathi celebrity in side business

– Karuna PuriThe art-loving people have no restriction on what kind of art they want to imbibe. These actors strive to express themselves in a different way while working as an actor-director-producer. Be it being a writer, be it a painter or be it jewelry, dress designing… through this these artists are bringing themselves in a new form. Some of the artists who have done Shree Ganesha in different fields in the past few days. By foraying into various fields, these artists have shown their entrepreneurship.

To add people…
Actress Bhargavi Chiramule has put up a podcast in this new medium. She says the aim of ‘Chat, Fun and Podcast with Bhargavi’ is to show the human in an artist and the good side of that person. ‘While acting, I wanted to start something different in the field of production, which would be related to my work. I basically like to chat a lot, get other people’s thoughts and generally connect with people. This is how I came up with the idea of ​​starting a podcast channel. Not only celebrities from movies and dramas, but actors from different fields I call for interviews. Sharad Ponkshe, Pooja Sawant, Mansi Naik, Deepak Karanjikar, Vishwas Patil have been interviewed so far. Common people; But I am trying to bring his extraordinary work to light,’ says Bhargavi.

Poetry from observation
Shivani Rangole has created a distinct identity as an actress. Shivani is now also known as a poetess. She has now also established herself as a writing actress with poetry collections and audio books. Shivani says about this, ‘Window Into My World’ is my first audiobook. In it, a poetess sits in her favorite cafe, captures the scenery and observes the people there, and writes poems inspired by them. I like to record things through observation myself. I wanted to write poems that could capture the essence of life; So tried the audio book. I actually wrote the book of poetry ‘Rains, Coffee and Tomorrow’ as part of a competition. Wrote 21 poems in 21 days, one a day. Coffee and rain are my favorite, I wanted to write on them, so the poems took shape. I found this writing very useful as an actress. One can comment on it by choosing the right thought in the crowd of thoughts, pouring emotions into it, and this is the best side of my writing.’
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Words and jewels…
Actress Prajakta Mali is always up for something different. Be it acting, dancing or dressing. Prajakta brought out a collection of poems ‘Prajaktaprabha’ on various emotions. Directly after that she started her own brand of Maharashtrian jewelery ‘Prajaktaraj’ and brought her passion and passion for jewellery, the art of making it to everyone. ‘Art gives you a lot of joy and courage to face new challenges. That is why I am doing new things. Prajakta says, “You should keep your interests and always think about what can be done differently.”

Actor Ajay Poklakar started a production house ‘Jamadagnivats Production’. Actress Amrita Khanwilkar has also stepped into the production of ‘Amritkala’ production house as Shri Ganesha. The purpose behind it is to present the stories of new artists and give them a platform. Actress Sonali Kulkarni continues to interact with her fans about various places and things she likes through her YouTube channel.
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A studio named ‘Mediaworks’ has been started in Pune with a friend Aditya Deshmukh. Apart from doing post production work, he has also entered into the field of film production to give opportunities to new talent and new artists. The name of the production company is ‘Chitaboli Creation’ and the first film ‘Diary of Vinayak Pandit’ has been brought under this banner. On this occasion, it is intended that the intricacies of filmmaking will be understood and something new can be learned.

– Mangesh Borgaonkar, Singer

I am glad that the production has been appreciated. When creating the first one, things have to be chosen. Stories of new writers have been selected. Filmed Marathi as well as Telugu and Hindi films. New writers are great and it’s a pleasure to work with them, accepting necessary changes as per their suggestions. Ganaraya has blessed to do good work, ask him to do better work till you come back next year. Marathi people are not coming in the production, will try to remove this complaint and provide more and better content.
– Ajay Pulakar, actor-producer

Bollywood actors are also leading
Katrina Kaif has launched a beauty brand called ‘K’. Questions about Katrina’s beauty and skin care have often been asked, fans are also curious about it. She has shared the secret of this directly from her beauty brand, and within a few days she is launching a new product under it. Deepika Padukone has also started her own clothing brand called ‘All About You’ before the lockdown. Anushka Chopra also runs a clothing brand for an e-commerce site. Alia Bhatt also ranks in this. ‘Global Star’ Priyanka Chopra is the creator of a brand of hair and care products. Malaika Arora, who has created a distinct identity in fitness, has started a yoga studio named ‘Divayoga’. Sunny Leone has also launched a beauty brand named ‘Star Stuck’, apart from this she also runs a perfume brand. Kriti Sanon, Rashmika Mandana, Shraddha Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan have also invested in lifestyle related industries. Along with these entrepreneurs, there are many writers and actresses in Bollywood. The list of writers and actresses like Twinkle Khanna, Sonali Bendre, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Soha Ali Khan, Nandita Das is long. Two films ’15 August’ and ‘Panchak’ were produced under the banner ‘R&M’ of Madhuri Dixit. Now she is preparing for her next masterpiece.

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