Devendra Fadnavis On OBC Caste Census Saying Mandal Commission Implement Due To Bjp During VP Singh Govt

Pohradevi, Yavatmal : While the Congress is taking an aggressive stance on the OBC Reservation and Caste Census issue, on the other hand, the BJP is planning a strategy to respond to it. The OBC element will be important in the state as well and now the BJP has become aggressive. BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has criticized Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray group along with Congress in a meeting held at Pohradevi. V. P. After Singh’s government, BJP insisted on implementation of Mandal Commission. On the other hand, Fadnavis said that Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena opposed OBC reservation. Fadnavis also said that BJP is naturally a party of OBCs, nomads, our DNA is the same.

The OBC Yatra, which started at Sevagram, ended at Poharadevi, which is considered the cradle of the Banjara community. Devendra Fadnavis was speaking at that time. After Prime Minister Modiji’s government, OBCs and nomadic free communities got justice. Fadnavis strongly criticized that 25 parties have come together to eliminate the strong OBC leader of the country as Prime Minister Modi always thinks of the OBCs as wanderers. I started efforts for the development of Pohradevi when I was Chief Minister. Fadnavis also said that he will not rest until the dream of late Banjara priest Ramrao Bapu is fulfilled.

BJP implements recommendations of Mandal Commission…

Ever since Modi came to power, OBCs have been targeted. He also claimed that no government before Modi took care of OBCs. V.P. After Singh’s government came, the Mandal Commission was implemented at the insistence of BJP. Fadnavis also reminded that Uddhav Thackeray’s party had opposed the OBC and Mandal Commission. 25 parties in the country came together to weaken the staunch OBC leadership in the country.

Rahul Gandhi started to worry about OBCs now. Thanks to Prime Minister Modi, 58 percent scholarships are being given to OBCs. 60 percent of ministers in the country’s cabinet are represented by STs, SCs, OBCs. Fadnavis alleged that out of 250 Chief Ministers nominated by the Congress, only 17 per cent Chief Ministers belong to the OBC community. 31 percent of BJP’s 68 Chief Ministers belong to OBCs. Fadnavis also said that it is only because of Modi that our country is becoming the third largest economy in the world.

Uddhav Thackeray was the Chief Minister for two and a half years. Not a single hostel was earmarked for OBCs then. We are starting 36 hostels for OBCs. Fadnavis also said that 10 lakh houses will be built in the state for OBCs in the next three years.

No refusal to take census of OBCs…

Fadnavis said that our government has never refused to conduct a census of OBCs. Congress and other opposition parties are demanding caste-wise census. While there is no direct comment from the central government or the BJP, Fadnavis has said that he is not opposed to the census of OBCs. We are not opposed to caste wise census. But, caste-caste quarrels will not be allowed. Fadnavis also said that such a survey should not be conducted to burn political nests.

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