“Decision of the Election Commission…”, Ajit Pawar’s statement on the election of the President ajit pawar reaction on ncp chief post sharad pawar faction claim

After the split in NCP, a power struggle has arisen between Sharad Pawar group and Ajit Pawar group. Ajit Pawar group has claimed the NCP party and party symbol. Ajit Pawar group claimed that Ajit Pawar is now the National President of NCP. On June 30, Ajit Pawar group held a meeting and announced Ajit Pawar as the national president, Praful Patel said. Patel’s claim was rejected by Sharad Pawar himself. Sharad Pawar said that Praful Patel’s statement is 100 percent false.

After Sharad Pawar’s reaction, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar He has also responded. The matter has been referred to the Election Commission. Ajit Pawar responded that we will accept the decision of the Election Commission. He was talking to the media in Mumbai.

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When asked about questioning the election of Ajit Pawar as the National President, Ajit Pawar said, “That proposal is now before the Election Commission. The Election Commission will listen to everyone and give a decision. Just yesterday I had said very clearly in Marathi language that whatever decision the Election Commission gives, we will accept it.”

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When asked about Sharad Pawar’s rejection of claims made by Ajit Pawar group, Ajit Pawar lashed out at reporters. At this time he said, “We are not bound to tell you our position. Our case has gone before the Election Commission. The Election Commission will take a decision on this. Whatever correspondence we want to make and the position we want to put forward, we will put it through a lawyer. All confusion will clear once the Election Commission announces the decision.”

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