‘Deadly Combo’ of Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DiCaprio will be seen in this movie – robert de niro and leonardo dicaprio upcoming movie

Mumbai: When Italian director Martin Scorsese’s movie is said, naturally, our expectations are high. Apart from this, if the ‘deadly combo’ of actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Nero will be seen again on the screen, what do you want! All this discussion is happening on the occasion of Scorsese’s upcoming movie ‘Killers of Flower Moon’.

robert de niro and leonardo dicaprio

Although there are two weeks left for the release of the movie, the curiosity has increased. The reason is the same. This movie is being talked about in many film festivals and special screenings held so far. The bet that this movie will be in Oscar competition is now out of date. Currently there is talk that it will become another blockbuster Hollywood movie after ‘Oppenheimer’.
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The story of the movie is based on a true incident. David Gran has written a book about this incident. That too is on the bestseller list. A series of murders led to the creation of the FBI in America. In 1920, many of the Orson tribe, which is very powerful in America, were killed. The inhuman massacre was investigated by special officers. The same authorities later became the FBI.

Martin Scorsese’s film is said to have every character and story in it arranged with nuances. He also has a hand in handling crime-drama. Moreover, the choice of strong actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the lead role in the movie wins more than half the battle in terms of quality. Both Robert and Leo are Scorsese’s favorite actors. There is no doubt that acting juggling between the two will be seen on the occasion of this movie.
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Coincidentally, the investigation of the murder mentioned in this movie by J. Edgar did. J. Edgar Hoover went on to become the most powerful official in America. The role of this ambitious officer ‘J. Leo has previously acted in the movie Edgar’. In this movie, he will play the character of Ernest Burkhart, a resident of Oklahoma. While Robert De Niro will portray a political leader in a villainous estimation. Currently, the discussion of this movie is everywhere. We will have to wait a bit to watch this movie in India.

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