Cricket World Cup Ind vs Pak: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah are in form, increasing Pakistan’s anxiety?

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The way Rohit Sharma played, I felt like I was watching the highlights on TV.

The tossed ball was the fuel for Rohit’s fours and sixes. The rescue seemed like something out of history.

Kishan was running singles to give Rohit a chance. Ishaan Kishan is the epitome of what a sleeping partner is.

This scene becomes spectacular for a batsman who loves to see big hits. In it, Rohit is the king of delicate and stylish fireworks when he is in form.

He does not play mechanically. But a murki, a place or an alap song taken by Latadidi takes the song to a different level and satisfies the ears.

Wadekar, Durrani, Vishwanath, Laxman, that is what I wanted to happen. Two eyes seem insufficient.

But in that happiness we forget one thing that picturesque batting is not cricket. It was a pitch where a small plane could have easily landed on the Kotla pitch. What will the bowlers do? Not every bowler is a Bumrah.

A peach made for batting in India?

Looking at this World Cup, we realize that we have seen batting flourish on the pitches we have created. Bowlers become second class citizens.

Even if it is only a week since the World Cup started, see how many centuries have been made. It was almost 11. Rahul narrowly missed out against Australia.

What is the reason for this? Pitches are designed to produce runs.

It is feared that T20 has reduced the popularity of the 50-over game. It’s the World Cup and spectators are not flocking to the ground (don’t ask how the tickets are full though) so are run factories being put in the form of pitches?

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South Africa scored above 400 that day. Part of it is that the ODI rules have changed. But the pitch is the real heroine or villain.

A heroine for those who love to run, a villain for those who want a duel with the bat and the ball.

I like running too. That day I was fascinated by the batting of Rachin Ravindra and Conway. Watching Mendis bat reminded me of my dear friends Roy Dyson and Arvind. Pakistan’s, Rizwan’s reply to Sri Lanka’s nearly 350 was going to be astonishing.

But still the pitching help in scoring these runs cannot be forgotten.

The bowling pin is crushed by the pitch. So a good batsman takes a white coat.

India Australia was the only match where the pitch was not in full love with the batsmen. The bowlers got scope. And at the same time, the value of the runs scored by Virat and Rahul, more than double the other centuries.

How important was Rohit Sharma getting in form?

Of course, the win against Afghanistan brought many benefits.

The recent problem with Rohit’s batting has been swinging the ball at the start. Especially the inswing seems to attack him, but he was not tested in this match.

But runs give a person confidence. His beloved Poole was going to the audience in no time. At times the ball may not have been a bit rough, he pooled it. That is how quickly he could see the ball.

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Another thing is to clear the spaces between the two field guards. When the bowler goes to bowl, 10 field guards are seen leaving the bowler on the field.

As soon as Rohit hits the fielder, the fielder would disappear as the ball moves towards the boundary. The ground looked like the road of Mumbai Bandh. As if making room for lashes.

Their fast bowlers swing the ball well against Pakistan. Rohit needs to manage and watch the first five overs properly.

Then the whole of Pakistan will be watching him. Yesterday, Virat played the rest of Australia’s innings forward. He must have felt sad that he didn’t get to bat more. He missed his century by 50 runs.

But I didn’t think Ishaan Kishan was playing with any confidence after scoring 47 runs.

On the pitch where Rohit bowled blindfolded, Kishan looked like a bespectacled man.

Gill still finds it difficult to play against Pakistan. So should Rahul come up and Surya come in between?

What are the important things before the India-Pakistan match?

But Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav gave me as much joy yesterday as Rohit.

Bumrah is our Draupadi thali. Tell the plate if you want a wicket. New ball, break through and death overs, Bumrah becomes Draupadi’s plate. The main thing is that breaking him is a real breaking news.

Returning the same is a blessing. They are like yorkers as well as rockets. The bounce is shocking. The main thing is that he reads the wicket like he reads the lines of the hand. Thus, it can be phased quickly.

To fault his bowling in the first two matches was like faulting Bhimsen’s song.

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While playing against Pakistan, I think Rohit, Virat, Rahul’s form, Bumrah, Kuldeep, Jadeja’s bowling brilliance are important.

A big win over Pakistan against Sri Lanka would have put a fistful of meat on the body. However in the end it will be Alexander who will take the mental pressure.

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