Congress Leader Kalpana Giri Murder Case Court Verdict Accepted Today Maharashtra Latur Crime News Updates

Maharashtra Latur Crime News Updates: Latur : Congress (Congress) office bearer Kalpana Giri murder case is expected to give its verdict today. In this case, six accused have been arrested by the police and this case has been going on for the last nine and a half years. The case which has been pending for so many years is expected to be finally decided today. The verdict of this case was to be given on the 12th of this month. However, the court reserved the verdict on that day and fixed September 26 as the next date for hearing.

On March 21, 2014, Congress office bearer Kalpana Giri was murdered. Police arrested six people in this case. In this case, one accused is in jail for the last nine years, while the other six are out on bail. Five investigating agencies such as local police and CBI have completed the investigation in this case and a charge sheet of nearly thousand pages has been filed in this case. In the 2014 elections, the issue of killing of Congress office bearer Kalpana Giri was in the limelight across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned this issue at the national level by mentioning Tandoor se Latur during the election campaign.

Latur Congress office bearer Kalpana Giri was murdered in March 2014. The entire 2014 election revolved around this issue. The verdict of this much-discussed murder case will be announced today. Therefore, the whole country is focused on the result.

Kalpana Giri, an active worker of the Congress party, was murdered by other colleagues of his own party. This raised a question mark on all aspects of politics within the party, safety of women office bearers and leadership of Congress in the district. The Giri family has been continuously complaining that the investigation into the murder case of Kalpana Giri has not been completed yet. This case was very popular during the 2014 elections. The opposition parties continuously criticized the Congress and its policy, the evaluation of the position of women in the Congress and made it an election issue.

Who was Kalpana Giri?

Kalpana Giri was the general secretary of Latur City Assembly Youth Congress. 28-year-old Kalpana Giri was active in social work for seven years. Within a short time after joining the Youth Congress, she was elected as the General Secretary of the Latur City Assembly Youth Congress. Kalpana Giri had completed her LLB and was soon to start practicing as a lawyer. Besides, she was preparing for MPSC and other competitive exams. Kalpana Diri, who was young and promising, had a lot of opposition from the party. Due to this, Kalpana Giri’s family alleged that he was assaulted.

What happened that day?

Kalpana Giri’s dead body was found in a lake near Tuljapur. Her relatives had alleged that Kalpana Giri was murdered after being kidnapped and raped. Apart from this, her father also told the media that the Youth Congress officials were behind her death. After that, the police shifted the sources of investigation in a big way. The atmosphere in Latur was heated for the demand that the killers of Kalpana Giri should be arrested. The police arrested both Mahendrasinh Chauhan and Sameer Killarikar. Among them, Mahendrasinh Chauhan is the city president of Youth Congress, while Sameer Killarikar is a member. Sameer Killarikar has confessed that there was an argument between Mahendrasinh Chauhan and Kalpana Giri on that day. Kalpana Giri didn’t like Mahendrasinh Chauhan’s acting out of Kalpana. The accused killed Kalpanas by pushing him in a lake near Tuljapur. The accused insisted that Kalpana should not contest the Youth Congress elections. But since she participated in this election, she was being humiliated by these officials of Youth Congress. Kalpana’s father was already suspicious of the Youth Congress and finally his father’s suspicion proved true.

The deadly struggle in politics is now evident among the youth activists as well. If this situation is happening to the women and girls of political parties in such a situation, what about the safety of women in general? Such a question has remained on the neck of the society due to this incident.

Events of the Kalpana Giri massacre

  • Kalpana Giri went missing on March 21, 2014.
  • On March 24, Kalpana’s body was found in Pachunda Lake near Tuljapur in Dharashiv district.
  • Late at night on 24th, Kalpana’s body was brought to Latur and cremated immediately.
  • On March 26, Kalpana’s brother Ganesh Giri filed a police complaint that Kalpana was raped and murdered.
  • On the evening of 28th, the police have arrested both Youth Congress president Mahendrasinh Chauhan and Sameer Killarikar in connection with the murder of Kalpana Giri.
  • On April 13, the third suspect in the case, accused Srirang Thakur, was arrested by the police.
  • On April 15, the police arrested Prabhakar Shetty, a hotelier, as the fourth suspected accused.
  • Shetty was remanded to judicial custody for 14 days after first being sent to police custody for 5 days.
  • A few days later, some people were arrested in this case.

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