Broncos ready to sign check on Sean Payton’s massive asking price

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Sean Payton could train again this offseason. If he does, he needs a big offer from the team that wants him.

Whichever team Sean Payton hopes to sign, they must make two deals: one with the New Orleans Saints and one with Payton.

The Saints deal will include draft picks while the Payton deal will be a financial commitment. We’ve finally found out what that number will be, and it’s a huge commitment, as expected.

Sean Payton’s Desired Salary Revealed and Broncos Ready to Sign Check

Payton would like a salary between $20 and $25 million, according to’s Jeff Duncan (subscription may be required). According to DNVR’s Zac Stevens, the Denver Broncos have no problem with that price.

When you consider that Payton would be up there next to Bill Belichick as the highest paid coach in the NFL, that’s pretty big.

Payton has repeatedly said that he enjoys his job as an NFL TV analyst, and this figure clearly shows it… The amount of money it will take to get him away from that job is huge.

For Broncos fans, this may turn your stomach. Not only will the Broncos have to move some draft picks to New Orleans for Payton, but the franchise will also send a huge number to Payton to coach the team. Add to that the fact that they have Russell Wilson under a contract worth more than $240 million and it’s easy to think about what the team will do if those investments don’t work. They settle on a very specific path.

The off-season opinion was that Wilson was a proven quarterback and worth the investment. That’s Payton’s view, but from the coaching side. It didn’t work for Wilson. They can’t afford that it doesn’t work out for Payton either.

The Broncos are joined by the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans, who are also interested in adding Payton to lead their team. It is unclear if they are interested in paying such a high price.


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