Black Thread: There are many benefits of tying black thread, but people of this zodiac sign should not tie black thread by mistake

Black thread for Nazar: We have seen black thread tied around the feet of celebrities to all common people. Especially Karu girls have black thread on their legs. In fact black color absorbs heat and protects us from negative energy. Apart from this, today we are going to know what is the belief behind wearing black thread. Also, for some zodiac signs, this black thread is a disadvantage rather than a benefit. Find out if it suits you. (black thread for Nazar Black thread benefits but these zodiac sign people should not wear black tread)

Black thread Benefits



1 Wearing a black thread on the feet removes the inauspicious effects of Shani, it is believed in the scriptures. Without it, all obstacles in your life are removed.

2 Stomach related problems are also removed by tying the thread in the feet. It does not cause problems like constipation, loose motion. Also improves your digestion.

It is believed that wearing 3 black thread brings success. Besides, tying a black thread around the stomach does not cause problems related to breast and stomach. It also helps in controlling obesity.

4. Tying a black cord protects against evil eye. Hence black thread is also tied to vehicles.

5 At the same time, it is believed that if a black thread is tied at the main gate, negative energy is kept away and positive energy enters the house.

9 knots should be tied while tying 6 black threads. After tying this thread, chant Gayatri Mantra daily. This remedy shows more positive results.

7 Make sure to tie the black thread to the children. Their immunity will increase and they will be protected from negative energy.

8 The black thread absorbs heat and protects us from negative energy.

‘These’ Rasis should not tie a black thread


Mars is the lord of Aries and Mars has black anger. In such a situation an Aries person should not tie the black thread even by mistake. If the people of this zodiac sign tie a black thread, bad results will be seen in their life.


As the ruler of Scorpio is Mars, Lord Mars strongly hates black color. This is why black color is very inauspicious for people of this zodiac sign. If the people of this sign tie a black thread, the auspicious influence of Mars ends and a negative effect is seen in his life.

Black thread is auspicious for these signs!

According to astrology, black thread proves to be very auspicious for Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius people. Saturn is the ascendant of Libra, while Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Hence black thread proves to be a boon for these people. If the people of this zodiac sign tie a black thread, the financial condition will improve.

(Disclaimer – The information provided here is based on astrology and is provided for informational purposes only. Zee 24 Hours does not endorse these. Before taking any action, consult an expert in the relevant field.)

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