Big B stopped and said… Hemangi shared her experience of working with Amitabh – hemangi kavi post for amitabh bachchan birthday the actress shared her experience of working with him

Hemangi poet, actress

A few days ago I was asked for an advertisement. auditioned. The selection was made. Who is in the ad, other details I did not ask. Went to the set on the day of the shoot, got ready and sat in the vanity van. When he came out after a while, there was silence everywhere. When I asked why there was so much silence, I understood that ‘Sir’ was coming. After a while bodyguards appeared on the set. There was a familiar Marathi girl in the production team. When asked, she replied the same; ‘Sir is coming.’ I thought the ad would be the owner. Without stopping, she asked, ‘Do they also have Z security?’ Then she said, ‘Sir is Amitabh Bachchan!’ Hearing her words, I couldn’t believe it for a moment.

Hemangi Kavi with Amitabh Bachchan

I was stunned and went back a few years…. A few years back an ad featured me and Amitabh Bachchan. The audience will feel like we filmed this ad together; But in reality it was not so. Our filming was different. But since then I wanted to meet him and see him in person. This wish was fulfilled recently on the occasion of another advertisement and the scene of that advertisement, which was shot differently, passed before Zarzar’s eyes.
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The cut to the new ad is the moment a few days ago… Before shooting with Bachchan sir, the rest of us were doing our practice. It’s been a long time. It was understood that it would take some time for them to reach the shooting location as some technical things were being worked on. Even at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there were no signs of filming. We started rehearsing with the co-director again and on the same set the commotion started again. Big B had arrived, at the shooting location. It took a few moments to believe that I was seeing him in person and now had to do the final rehearsal with him.

While rehearsing with Amitabh sir, I unknowingly reacted to his dialogue. Then he asked me, ‘Are you going to do that?’ Doubts crossed my mind that I shouldn’t have done that. So when I rehearsed with him again, I did what was agreed with the co-director without giving any feedback. Then Big B sir stopped and said, ‘You didn’t give the reaction you gave earlier? She was feeling good’. I took the co-director’s permission and thus the shooting was completed in 2-4 shorts in about half an hour. The whole time with them was a dream.

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Astounding enthusiasm
Amitabh sir was delayed due to some technical issues; But when he came to the set, he was nowhere to be seen. He shot in almost five different types of clothes. After changing his clothes, he appeared at the tenth minute. His acting, enthusiasm, polite behavior, punctuality are all amazing.
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