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Mumbai – Action has been taken by the state government against the company of MLA Rohit Pawar of NCP Sharad Pawar group. This action was taken at 2 midnight. MLA Rohit Pawar tweeted that action was taken against a department of my company with some malice at the behest of 2 big leaders of the state.

MLA Rohit Pawar said that one has to face many difficulties while taking a stand while struggling. Efforts have now started to put me in trouble because I speak up, take a firm stand, but the struggle does not stop just because there are difficulties. It is a characteristic of Marathi people that they do not want to change roles and loyalties. He explained that I will fight this fight.

At the same time, I want to say only one thing to those on whose behest action is being taken against me, I was first in business and then came to politics, but there are many people who have become financially strong by first coming to politics and then to business. Therefore, nothing that these leaders expect will be achieved. Also, MLA Rohit Pawar has indirectly warned the rulers that this politics of hatred is not acceptable to today’s generation.

Meanwhile, my company employees and family need not worry as we are on the side of truth and this action is only for political revenge. I thank the government for the ‘gift’ on my birthday, but the youth and people of the state will definitely give the government a ‘return gift’, that is for sure. But it is certainly a pleasure that the system which slows down the work of the common people for months is very prompt in taking action on me for the wishes of these two leaders. I do not blame the government officials in all this process. MLA Rohit Pawar expressed his belief that I have full faith in the judiciary and will continue my fight in the court based on truth.

Web Title: Action against Rohit Pawar’s company; Action taken at the behest of 2 big leaders?

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