Before coming to India for the ODI World Cup, Babar Azam’s direct accusation, exposed in front of everyone – Marathi News | Babar Azam directly accused the media for false allegation before coming to India for the ODI World Cup

ODI World Cup 2023: Ten teams are ready for ODI World Cup 2023. As the tournament will be held in India, Asian teams are being favored for the title. Pakistan is also a contender. But after the defeat in the Asia Cup, the team is under pressure.

Before coming to India for the ODI World Cup, Babar Azam's direct accusation, exposed in front of everyone

Before even stepping foot in India for the ODI World Cup, Babar Azam got angry, told everything in front of the media.

Mumbai: Only a few days are left for the start of the ODI World Cup. All the teams are practicing thoroughly for this. Pakistan team is also ready for practice in India. Pakistan captain Babar Azam interacted with reporters before leaving for India. He has also given a strong reply to the critics. He gave a direct answer about the team controversy and the ODI World Cup title. After the disappointing performance in the Asia Cup, the Pakistan team is being criticized by Chohu. Also, there are two factions in the team and some players are said to have clashed. But Babar Azman has denied all these rumors.

What did Babar Azam say?

Before leaving for India, Babar Azam said, “Media spreads lies against us. Pakistani players had a fight in the dressing room. But nothing happened. All players live like a family. love each other Such discussions are held after a defeat.” After that, will Babar Azam make an entry in the top 4 of Team World Cup 2023? Such a question was asked. Babar Azam gave a blunt reply.

“Top 4 is way down. We will bring only one number. The camp was not organized because we had only one week after the Asia Cup. We have been playing cricket continuously for two days and three months. – Now the World Cup is going to start. For that we will practice for 7-8 days and show our ability in the warm-up match,” said Pakistan’s Babar Azam.

“I have faith in the 15 players in my team. Everyone has a role to play in the victory. The team has won every place and is ranked no. I am going to India for the first time. Hope I get lots of love. Babar Azam also said that he will miss the Pakistani fans at that place.

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