Atlanta eliminated from NFL playoffs again, Falcons in shambles

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The city of Atlanta was once again eliminated from the NFL playoffs, but the Atlanta Falcons’ season ended weeks ago. Like, how is that even possible remotely???

Things are going so well in the city of Atlanta that it gets knocked out of the NFL playoffs twice a month.

Although the Atlanta Falcons finished the year with a two-game winning streak and one game out of the first, the Dirty Birds still finished in last place in the NFC South with their mediocre 7-10 record. It’s slightly worse than Jeff Fisher 7-9 BS, but an Arthur Smith 7-10 split won’t get you much in a bowling alley either. All the while, Atlanta has avoided the rampant playoff shenanigans.

When the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills at Orchard Park, Atlanta was once again eliminated from the NFL playoffs…

Atlanta was eliminated from both the NFC… and the AFC…. playoff photo!

While their two biggest losses in franchise history were against AFC teams, the Falcons are 1000% an NFC franchise. Their two best moments were against NFC teams. So, for those who don’t seem to get Jeff Schultz’s hilarious joke, let me fill you in, okay….

With the Bills and Bengals regular season game not being played due to Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on the Cincinnati field, things complicated things in the AFC’s final standings. The Kansas City Chiefs were the No. 1 seed 14-3, while Buffalo were the No. 2 seed 13-3 half a game later. Buffalo beat Kansas City outright earlier this year.

To rectify a possible AFC title fiasco, Buffalo reportedly played Kansas City at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It was controversial that The Benz was the neutral venue for the AFC Championship match. However, since the Bengals have no problem with Buffalo at Orchard Park on Sunday afternoon, Cincinnati will face Kansas City at Arrowhead for a trip to the Super Bowl.

So that’s what it feels like when the New York Giants and New York Jets go down…

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