An angel indeed! Infants, difficulty breathing; Thrilling 20 minutes, 2 doctors saved lives – Marathi News | two doctors save six month baby with breathing issues in ranchi delhi indigo flight

INDIGO Flight News: A shocking incident took place in an IndiGo flight from Ranchi to Delhi. A couple was traveling by plane with their 6-month-old baby. Suddenly the baby started having trouble breathing. I didn’t know what to do at the time. Similarly, the crew member made an announcement on the plane and appealed for help. Fortunately, a doctor was traveling on the plane. Two doctors immediately gave first aid to the baby and gave him life. These two doctors turned out to be real angels.

A 6-month-old baby’s breathing was noticed by the parents of the Indigo flight from Ranchi to Delhi shortly after take-off. The condition of the baby was poor. Seeing the lonely state of the baby, the mother burst into tears. The crew members of the plane made an announcement about this in the plane and requested any doctor to come for immediate help. IAS officer Dr. Nitin Kulkarni and Dr. Mozammil Feroze of Ranchi were also traveling in this plane. Dr. Kulkarni is the Principal Secretary to the Governor of Jharkhand. He also has good working experience in medical field.

A thrilling 20 minutes and a toddler’s life was saved

Dr. Feroze and Dr. Kulkarni stepped forward to save the baby’s life. Dr. that the child’s mother is crying. Kulkarni said. Dr. Mozammil gave the injection to the baby. Cared for the child and helped him to breathe by applying an oxygen mask. Oxygen was supplied using other drugs. After some treatments, the baby’s condition improved. Heart rate was measured. As there was no oximeter, the amount of oxygen was not known. The first 15 to 20 minutes were very tense. However, after some time the baby became stable. Both the doctors gave information in this regard. Also said that the cabin crew was very cooperative.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nitin Kulkarni continued oxygen support under his care even after the plane landed an hour later. The child has a congenital heart disease, and the parents were taking the child to the AIIMS hospital in Delhi for its treatment. People traveling in the flight also thanked and congratulated both the doctors. It is said that doctors are angels sent by God. We saw a 6-month-old baby get a new lease of life on a flight, the reaction was expressed.

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