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Ameya Khopkar: ‘Aatmapamphlet’ (Aatmapamphlet) This movie has now come to the audience. MNS leader Ameya Khopkar has also seen this movie. While on one hand this movie is being praised, on the other hand this movie has failed to show magic at the box office. Where did the fans of Marathi go because the audience is not going to watch good movies? This question has been raised by Amey Khopkar.

Amey Khopkar has shared a Facebook post after watching the movie ‘Aatpamphlet’. He wrote, “Watched the Marathi movie ‘Atmapamlet’ today. It’s a very good movie. It makes you laugh a lot and makes you think as much. This movie is a must watch for not only the Marathi audience but all over the country”.

Amey Khopkar wrote, “Unfortunately when I saw the movie today, there were only five of us in the cinema hall. Where have the fans in Marathi gone? If a great piece of art doesn’t get an audience, what exactly is wrong and why this is happening, now the producers and the audience all need to think. It is. We will do whatever we have to do in the future by taking the initiative”.

…Then the condition of Marathi will get worse: Amey Khopkar

Amey Khopkar has further written, “But for now, I appeal to everyone to watch the movie ‘Aatpamphlet’ without fail… such good movies are rarely made in Marathi. If we don’t respond to them now, the condition of Marathi will get worse day by day.” .

Netizens have commented on Amey Khopkar’s post that Marathi audience will go to see ‘Jawan’, people don’t know when Marathi movies come and go, Marathi cinema is lacking in marketing, Marathi people’s mentality is the reason.

Know about ‘Aatmapamphlet’ movie… (Aatmapamphlet Movie Details)

The movie ‘Aatpamphlet’ has been released in theaters on 6th October 2023. In this movie, the audience will get to see a funny love story of very strange, crooked friends. Ashish Bende has handled the direction of this movie. Self-Pamphlet had its world premiere in the competition section at the Berlin International Film Festival. Also, the film won the best youth film award at the recently held Asia Pacific Screen Awards Australia among films from seventy countries.

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