Ajit Pawar Eknath Shinde rift over Raigad Guardian Minister Bharat Gogawale Aditi Tatkare; Stuck from three guardianships? Discussion of Shinde’s opposition to Ajitdada group, which districts are both eyes on?

Mumbai : The rift of the guardianship in the triple engine government still does not seem to be resolved. Because it has been decided to give the guardian ministerships of ten districts to the group of Ajit Pawar who has joined the power. Accordingly, Dada Group has also decided the names for the posts of Guardian Ministers of seven districts. But there is talk of a tug-of-war between Dada and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s group from three districts. It is predicted that the list of guardian ministers will be announced in a day or two. Especially, it is predicted that the post of guardian minister of Pune district will be held by Ajit Pawar. Even during the Maha Vikas Aghadi government, Pune was controlled by Ajit Dad. In the Shinde-Fadnavis government, that responsibility was entrusted to Chandrakant Patil. After Ajit Pawar came to power, it is also said that there is a fight between the two ‘Dadas’ over the post of Guardian Minister of Pune. But now there is a possibility that the post of guardian minister of Pune will be taken away from Chandrakant Dada and handed over to Ajit Dada.

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Meanwhile, three out of the ten districts that came to Ajitdad’s share have not been decided yet. Ajit Pawar has claimed the guardian minister posts of Raigad, Satara and Nashik districts. But it is opposed by the Shinde group. Therefore, the delay in announcing the list of guardians is increasing. Importantly, Mahad MLA Bharat Gogawle from the Shinde group has staked a claim on the guardianship of Raigad.

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Bharat Gogawle has been asserting that he will get the guardian minister post of Raigad ever since the cabinet expansion began. However, the name of NCP MLA Aditi Tatkare, who was sworn in as a minister along with Ajit Pawar, has also come up in the race for the guardian minister post of Raigad. Due to the pressure of Ajit Pawar group, there is a strong discussion that only Tatkar will get the guardian minister post of Raigad. He has taken the stand that he will try for the guardian minister post of Raigad till the last moment.

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