Aishwarya Narkar Slams Troller Who Commented On Her Video

Aishwarya Narkar: Actress Aishwarya Narkar (Aishwarya Narkar) and actor Avinash Narkar (Avinash Narkar) are sharing reels on social media. The videos of his dances are loved by netizens. Some people are praising Aishwarya and Avinash Narkar by commenting on their dance video. Some people even troll them. Aishwarya and Avinash recently shared a video of the song “Roop Tera Mastana”. A netizen trolled Aishwarya and Avinash by commenting on this video. Aishwarya gave a befitting reply to this troller.

In the video shared by Aishwarya and Avinash on social media, the romantic prediction of both of them can be seen. This video of Aishwarya and Avinash was trolled by commenting as “Old Grandparents”. Aishwarya has given a reply to this comment of the netizen.

Aishwarya replied to the troller’s comment, “Thinking that the intellect will rot, I think there is a disease of old age in your family. Live, if you die, others will be left with nothing to talk about.. Look at the meaning of old age.. The intellect is corrupt” This reply of Aishwarya has attracted the attention of many. .

Aishwarya also appears in various plays, serials and films. Aishwarya’s performance in the serials Ya Sukhanno Ya, Swamini, Lek Majhi Ladki, Shrimantgharchi Soon was specially liked by the audience. Aishwarya came to the audience in these Marathi films Tuch Majhi Bhagya Lakshmi, Kadhi Achanak, Ank Gaitam Anandache. Currently, Aishwarya is in the news due to her posts on social media. Aishwarya shares various posts on Instagram. She has 235K followers on Instagram. Aishwarya is a fitness freak actress. She also shares videos of her working out on social media.

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