Actress Saili Sanjeev’s home decorated with attractive paithani for Ganapati; Actress Sukhda Khandkekar’s arrival of Ganesh too, ganesh-festival-2023-marathi-actress-saili-sanjeevs-house-decorated-with-attractive-paithani-for-ganesha

Nashik Ganesh Festival 2023 : The enthusiasm of Ganeshotsav is being seen from every house across the state. Along with the Ganesh Mandal, the devotees from house to house welcomed the beloved Bappa with the sound of drums and banging. Similarly, Ganpati Bappa arrived at the celebrity’s house (Marathi actress Saili Sanjeev). An eco-friendly Ganapati at Saili Sanjeev house has been established like every year at the house of Nashik actress Saili Sanjeev, who became famous through the series ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’. This year, an attractive arrangement of paithani was also made behind the idol of Bappa. (Nashik Ganesh Festival) and last year this film won the award of ‘Gosht Eka Paithani’. Through this, Saili expressed the feeling that Ganaraya had a kind vision.

Marathi serial actor Abhijeet and actress Sukhda Khandkekar, who live in Ekarvi Mumbai, come to Nashik like every year to welcome their beloved father. This year, Abhijit and Sukhda have created an Aras for Bappa with a peacock theme to complement the attractive surroundings. Actor Abhijit Khandkekar appealed to all the devotees to bid farewell to their fathers with as much joy as Bappa’s arrival. Also, actress Sukhda Khandkekar said that during these ten days we will take care that others will not suffer due to noise pollution.

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