Actress New Song Hollywood actress cherishes heritage of Indian culture; Nitu Chandra fulfilled her Mother’s wish by Producing her childhood Lori Song Niniya Rani in Maithili | Saam Tv

Hollywood Actress New Song


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Hollywood Actress New Song

Neetu Chandra Produced Song For Kids:

Indian Hollywood actress Neetu Chandra is known for her immense love for culture and tradition. Maithili is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in parts of India and Nepal. Neetu Chandra has produced Angai ‘Ninia Rani’ in Maithili language.

She has expressed her desire to take this unique approach to the global platform through her digital YouTube channel Bejod and a production house called Champaran Talkies.

Neetu Chandra said about the venture, “My vision is to take the diverse culture of India to the global stage through my digital YouTube channel. To further this vision, I have also started my production house in Abu Dhabi. I have taken this step to preserve the beauty and cultural heritage. . There is no doubt that Bejod and Champaran Talkies will help take Indian talent to the global stage.”

Ninia Rani is directed by Angai Nitin Neera Chandra. He won the National Award for his Maithili film Mithila Makan. The song has been released on all global digital platforms.

‘Ninia Rani’ is becoming popular with the audience. Netizens are giving their reactions by commenting on social media. ‘Hearing this Nagari reminded me of my childhood.’ Even after listening to this song 10 times, my heart is not satisfied. You have so little to appreciate.’ Comments like ‘It’s a very beautiful song’ are coming on this song.

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