Actress Isha Koppikar Unknown Facts When She Broke Indar Kumar Marriage And Being Rude With Co-Stars; Intimate scenes with actresses; Accused of breaking the world, films lost due to attitude, what is Esha Koppikar doing now?

Casting couch

Esha Koppikar was once a victim of the casting couch. Once a famous producer called her and asked her to have good relations with the actors. After this, the actor himself called her, who invited her to meet him alone. But she didn’t go. She assured the producer that she will go ahead with her acting. If you want to keep it, don’t mind if you don’t. After saying this, the producer removed her from the film.

Allegation of Inder Kumar’s wife

Inder Kumar’s wife Sonal had accused Esha Koppikar that no one else was responsible for the breakup of their marriage. She had an affair with her husband. And when Sonal came out of this relationship, she was also pregnant. She had said in an interview, ‘Even at the time of marriage I heard that Inder never forgot Esha. But I realized the seriousness of it later. By then it was too late.’

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