Abp Majha Top 10 Headlines 9 October 2023 Monday Latest Marathi News Update | ABP My Top 10 Headlines | 9 October 2023

ABP My Top 10 Headlines | 9 October 2023| monday

1. As Fadnavis said, we will burn toll booths if small vehicles are not allowed from toll booths without toll, Raj Thackeray’s warning, Mansainiks set fire to Mulund toll booth in Mumbai https://tinyurl.com/mu94max9 Raj Thackeray in action mode on toll issue, Fadnavis-Ajit Pawar videos shown https://tinyurl. com/3dd5t5je Mansainis who were leaving vehicles without tolls at the toll plaza were arrested by the police; Dispatch to Police Station https://tinyurl.com/3z67ztp5

2. Five states, 16 crore voters, 679 constituencies; Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram, polling dates announced! https://tinyurl.com/yn8kj4cx

3. Sharad Pawar runs the party like he runs a house, Ajit Pawar group’s big claim in Election Commission https://tinyurl.com/35fup2r4 Most MLAs behind us; Ajit Pawar’s argument ends; Now Sharad Pawar group will answer, today’s hearing is over https://tinyurl.com/4pkc4m8e

4. Thackeray-Pawar together against Rahul Narvekar, joint hearing on Shiv Sena-Nationalist petition in Supreme Court https://tinyurl.com/32zxuhmt

5. Whose Shiv Sena? Present proper evidence to decide, Legislature Secretary’s notice to Shinde-Thakre https://tinyurl.com/3nbz22xx Let BJP do what it wants to do, the original idea is with the party, no one can break it; Sanjay Raut said clearly https://tinyurl.com/bddn4frc Whose voice is on the Shivaji Park ground? Spark of conflict again from Dussehra gathering, new update ahead… https://tinyurl.com/ywt58jp2

6. “Government won’t do anything at night, they attacked me several times”, but… Manoj Jarange’s appeal to his brothers https://tinyurl.com/d228xe9p Police notice to organizers of Manoj Jarange’s meeting; Warning of action if law and order problem arises https://tinyurl.com/4nak7rbf

7. BIG NEWS: Ajit Pawar Group to get Cabinet Ministerships at Center and State, 3 State Ministerships, Signs of Expansion after Devolution https://tinyurl.com/mfp8wuwa

8. “Here’s proof…”; Following the allegations of Mahajanko exam paper splitting, the photo of the paper split by the Competitive Examination Coordinating Committee is in front

9. Israel ordered a complete ‘blockade’ by cutting off light, water, fuel and food supplies in Gaza Strip from above! https://tinyurl.com/yckwxkan Indian students stuck in Israel, video showing the shocking situation of war goes viral https://tinyurl.com/2pz99kwj

10. Big blow to India, Shubman Gill out of team against Afghanistan too, undergoing treatment in Chennai https://tinyurl.com/yepfs9vb

my special

What about the Sadiq Ali case, which is frequently discussed after the split in the party? https://tinyurl.com/bdhwwfcb

Claudia Goldin Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics, Honored for Outstanding Achievement https://tinyurl.com/upd9p2uf

‘Gas pilfering scandal and police negligence responsible for ‘that’ terrible fire’, angry health minister’s serious allegation https://tinyurl.com/32b3myhu

Farmer gets help from YouTube, pink guava garden blossoms in desert https://tinyurl.com/4vdn9fhe

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