ABP Majha Top 10, 10 October 2023 : Breaking News Today, Evening Latest News, Read ABP Majha Top 10 Evening Headlines

  • VIDEO: Youth invites death; Climbed on the roof of a moving train and… Watch the video

    Viral Video: Currently, the video of the young man’s stunt is going viral on social media. Read more

  • VIDEO: Why are bus seats dark? If you understand the reason, you will stop sitting on it

    Bus Facts: Many times you must have traveled by bus. But have you ever wondered why bus seats are always dark in color? Read more

  • Amartya Sen : Rumors of death of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen; The girl said, they are busy with work as usual

    Amartya Sen News : Dr. Amartya Sen’s health is good and he is busy with his work, his daughter Nandana Dev Sen has informed. Read more

  • Israel Hamas War: Israel is surrounded by ‘these’ 13 Muslim countries; Enemy movement in all four directions

    Hamas Israel War: Since the establishment of the country of Israel, attacks on the country have started, almost 8 neighboring countries have attacked Israel. In this case, Israel had defeated all those countries with the strength of one. Read more

  • Ranbir Kapoor: Actor Ranbir Kapoor will be investigated in the case of Mahadev book app, while Ranbir has asked the ED for two weeks’ time.

    Ranbir Kapoor: Actor Ranbir Kapoor has been summoned by the ED and Ranbir has sought two weeks’ time from the ED. Read more

  • Harry Potter: Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter’ dies, takes his last breath at the age of 82

    Harry Potter: Actor Michael Gambon, who played the role of Dumbledore in the movie ‘Harry Potter’, has passed away. He breathed his last at the age of 82. Read more

  • Abdullah Shafique: Pakistan’s bowlers are bowled over, but opener Shafique remains shy; The first century

    While the status of Pakistan (Pakistan vs Sri Lanka) has become 37 for 2, Shafiq and Mohammad Rizwan have managed the team’s innings and taken it to a good state. Pakistan have reached 207 for 2 in 32 overs. Read more

  • ENG Vs BAN, Match Highlights : England’s fourth biggest win in World Cup history against Bangladesh

    Fast bowler Tapley (4-43) sent Bangladesh’s batting line into the tent in the first six overs to give England a comfortable win. Bangladesh’s innings ended at 227 all out in 48.2 overs. Read more

  • Navratri 2023 : Eat ‘these’ potato delicacies during Navratri fasting; You will get energy along with taste

    Navratri 2023 : It is very important to conserve energy in the body during fasting. In such a situation you can consume potato. Read more

  • RBI : RBI’s action against ‘this’ big government bank in the country; Millions of consumers will be affected

    RBI Action Against Bank of Baroda: RBI has raised the bar of action against the most important government bank of the country. Read more

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