Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Went Down On 5th Place In Trp Tharla Tar Mag Tops; the audience’s back to Mukta; ‘Arundhati’ falls so low for the first time, Jui maintains the TRP stronghold but who are the top 3?

Mumbai– Small screen serials are very popular with the audience. If there is no time to watch it at home, the viewers watch the series while traveling. Serials grow on the love of the audience. Currently, the star stream is spinning. Viewers get to watch many new serials on this channel. But they seem to be falling short in replacing the old series. The TRP report brings the picture of all this to everyone every week. This report also predicts which series is liked by the audience and which is not. Similarly, the last week’s report has also come before the audience. Actress Tejashree Pradhan’s serial ‘Premachi Josh’ won the hearts of the audience. With the start of this series, it was predicted that Jui Gadkari’s ‘Tharla Tho Maga Serial’ would fall. But now it has been proved completely false. Because even this week ‘Tharla Tho Maga’ has got the first position in the TRP list. But on the other hand there is a picture of the audience turning their backs on Mukta. The series ‘Prema Chi Josh’ has directly reached the third position. Abhijit Khandkekar’s serial ‘Tujche Me Geet Gaat Hai’ is on second place. On the fourth is the series ‘Sukh means exactly what is it. Arundhati is nowhere in the top 3. She has directly dropped to the fifth position. For the first time in the last year, Arundhati’s ‘Ai Khe Kya Karte’ has fallen to the fifth position.

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At the sixth position is the series ‘Thipkaya Rangoli’. The serial ‘Mann Dhaaga Dhaaga’ Jodte Nava’ is on the seventh position. Kunya Rajachi Tu Ga Rani’ is at the eighth position and ‘Aboli’ is at the ninth position. At number ten is ‘Muramba’. Overall, there has been a lot of change in the TRP list this week.

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