Aai Kuthe Kay Karte: “No matter how corrupt a policeman is…”, why did Milind Gawli say this? | milind gawali write post about corruption in mumbai police branch aai kuthe kay karte

Milind Gawali Write Post Corruption In Mumbai Police



Milind Gawali Write Post Corruption In Mumbai Police

Milind Gawali Write Post Corruption In Mumbai Police

The series ‘Ai Khe Kya Karte’, which has always been the leader in the TRP race, is in great discussion. Different twists are being seen in the series for the past several days. In the serial, Anirudh, who is always against everyone and speaks angrily, stands behind Aarohi to give her justice.

The character Arohi entered the serial a few days ago. A few days ago, the serial showed her being raped by some boys. In that incident, Deshmukh’s family is seen standing firmly behind Aarohi. Based on the serial track, actor Milind Gawli has shared a post.

Milind Gawli says in his post, “Whenever Anirudh Deshmukh takes such a stand, many people and I also think that what should be done with this man. Can a man act so well?, the question remains, Anirudh’s name has become so infamous, that it is natural to feel that what he will do is wrong, in some situations this man acts like a hero, surprise. Everyone, every time I read the script, I unconsciously get a smile on my face and my heart fills up, my eyes also fill up, I also say thank you to Namita Vartak.”

“But it is true that no matter how bad a person is, a person must take a firm stand in some cases, support the right people, I have heard a very good thing about the Mumbai police, that is, there is corruption in the department, but no matter how corrupt a policeman is, he said that It is said that in cases of rape, murder, drink and drive and drugs, no policeman ever takes money, never supports the criminal, maybe Anirudh Deshmukh should have something like that.”

“I really enjoy playing Anirudh in this scene when you speak for Aarohi, doing what everyone should do. Every day I get to know a new Anirudh, and I want to fall in love with that Anirudh Deshmukh all over again. This Anirudh Deshmukh is happening with Namita Vartak and Rajanji Shahi in mind, actually I have nothing in hand, people know me for that role, but Anirudh Deshmukh is doing it, like the audience I am eagerly waiting to see what Anirudh’s role is now”. Milind Gawli has said this.

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