Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Fame Rupali Bhosale Reveals Why She Didn’t Work In Movies; Many people asked me… Rupali Bhosle told the reason for not acting in the film; says-

Mumbai– Popular small screen actress Rupali Bhosle is currently seen as Sanjana in ‘Ai Khe Kya Karte’. She won the hearts of the audience with her performance in the serial. Rupali is very happy right now. The reason is the award she received for her film. Rupali won an award at the Ambernath Film Festival for her film ‘Binakarana Palitasha’. She posted a post and shared the joy of this award with her fans. Also, in this post, she has given the reason why she is not seen in the film. She has said that it is not that she does not want to work in films, but she has not received many requests for films.

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Rupali shared a picture with the award she received. Posting this post, she wrote, ‘In the case of cinema, it is said that cinema is larger than life and it is very true. We all feel it after going to the cinema theater. Magnificent theater, very nice seats, air-conditioned and very big screen on which we can watch movies, we can hear sound and music from big speakers. We get a different experience in three hours. You will never get that experience on television. Because the television screen is small.’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rupali Pradnya Prakash Bhosle (@rupalibhosle)

She further wrote, ‘Until now many people have asked me why you don’t do films, or why you haven’t done films till now, but it’s not that I didn’t want to do films, films didn’t come my way, they were very few, I really liked them. Yes, and I still want to do films, the few films I have done are ‘politics for no reason’. It reached the audience and I got this award for my role in that film. This is a great joy for me, because this is a cinema award. When I decided to get into this field, the way to get into this field is just in the dark in the theater when you’re looking for your seat, you fumble a little bit and then finally you get your seat.’

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“Also, when I came to this field, I entered the drama field by trying and I got my seat there, then I tried in the way of serials and that too I got my seat today. Perhaps the award for this film that I have received may be an indication. I am very thankful to the entire team of ‘Binakarana Palatha’ and the team of Ambernath Film Festival.’ Fans have showered wishes on Rupali.

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