54 Year Old Man Harassed Mentally Disabled Girl Revealed After She Gets Pregnant Kolhapur; A 54-year-old murderous victim of a dynamic young woman, a shocking incident revealed because she was pregnant

Kolhapur: An incident has come to light in the village of Malkapur in Shahuwadi taluka of Kolhapur. A shocking incident of a 54-year-old murderer torturing a 23-year-old girl has taken place and all this came to light as the said victim was pregnant. The mother of the victim girl filed a complaint against the suspected accused Anil Ganapati Bhopale at the Shahuwadi police station on Friday and a case has been registered against him. However, as the police did not arrest the suspect even after two days, a Malkapur bandh was called today against this outrageous incident. The residents of Malkapur city expressed their strong feelings that the murderer who took advantage of the helplessness of the active young woman should be severely punished and no one should take the lawyer letter of the said suspected accused.

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According to the information received, the complainant lives with her husband, son, mother-in-law and disabled daughter at Malkapur in Shahuwadi taluk of Kolhapur. The suspected accused Anil Ganapati Bhopale has a business of selling mutton in the same area. The plaintiff’s mother has alleged that the said suspected accused is familiar with the victim girl’s family and the suspect abused the 23-year-old dynamic girl by taking advantage of this acquaintance. The said suspect was abusing the victim for the last four months. However, this incident came to light after the victim became pregnant.
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Meanwhile, after the victim’s mother went to ask the suspect accused about the matter, the said suspect accused replied that he had nothing to do with the matter. However, after more pressure, the suspected accused suggested to get the girl aborted. Also, the plaintiff’s mother has stated in the complaint that if this incident goes out, she has threatened to kill the girl’s mother and father. Based on this complaint, the police have registered a case under various sections against the suspected accused. The victim girl is undergoing treatment at the government hospital.

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Meanwhile, there is a strong and angry reaction in Malkapur city against this incident and a Malkapur bandh was called today against this incident. So in this background, today the women, youth, young women and citizens of the city are central. Gathering at Shivaji Maharaj Chowk and taking out a silent protest round the city, the protesting women have submitted a statement to Police Inspector Rajendra Sawantre, demanding the arrest of the suspected accused and demanding that the murderer should be punished severely. Meanwhile, the police have arrested the suspected accused and further action has been initiated.

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