2-2 tie between CD Victoria and Motagua

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The match played this Saturday at Estadio Ceibeño and between CD Victoria and Ciclón Azul ended in a draw between the two contenders.

The goals of the match for the local were scored by Carlos Bernardez (47′ 1T) and Luis Hurtado (24′ 2T). While the away goals were scored by Lucas Campana (38′ 1T) and Marcelo Santos (18′ 2T).

Luis Hurtado played great. The CD Victoria striker showed his best level by scoring 1 goal.

Another player who played great was Lucas Campana. The attacker of Motagua shone by scoring 1 goal.

The match had a large number of bookings: Fabricio Silva, Marcelo Santos, José David Velásquez, Alexy Vega, Héctor Castellanos, Lucas Campana and Iván López.

CD Victoria’s manager Héctor Vargas presented a 4–4–2 tactical arrangement with Roberto López in goal; Milton Núñez, José David Velásquez, Fabricio Silva and Kenneth Hernández in defense; Héctor Aranda, Rodolfo Espinal, Luis Meléndez and Alexy Vega in the middle; and Carlos Bernardez and Luis Hurtado on offense.

For their part, Hernán Medina’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical arrangement with Jonathan Rougier under the three sticks; Wesly Decas, Carlos Meléndez, Marcelo Pereira and Marcelo Santos in defense; Héctor Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Edwin Maldonado and Carlos Mejía in midfield; and Lucas Campana and Iván López in front.

The next day, CD Victoria plays as a visitor against Lobos UPNFM, while Ciclón Azul plays as a visitor against Olancho FC.

For example, the local is fifth in the championship with 4 points, while the visitor is fourth with 4 points.

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