11 Friends Tour to Tarkarli Beach; Three drowned, two rescued, one missing

Sindhudurg: An unfortunate incident has taken place in the sea of ​​Malvan. A shocking incident has taken place where a young man who came for a walk on the beach in front of the Malvan Tarkarli tourist center drowned. One of the few youths from Kankavali has gone missing after drowning in the sea. It has come to light that this incident took place this evening. The missing youth has been identified as Sufiyan Dildar Shaikh (24 years old, Sakedi Muslimwadi Kankavali). After that, the two youths have been able to read briefly. He is undergoing treatment at Malvan Hospital.

According to information received, Shavez Riaz Sheikh and cousin Sufian Dildar Sheikh of Sakedi Muslimwadi Kankavali along with Zed Abdullah Sheikh, Mateen Haroon Sheikh, Arbaaz Imtiaz Sheikh (Res. Sakedi Muslimwadi Kankavali) and Shaheed Irfan Sheikh, Sahil Irfan Sheikh, Usman Hanif Qazi, Qatil Nazim. Kazi, Yusuf Mushtaq Kazi (all res. Muslim Wadi Humrath, Kankavali) and Mateen’s friend Mehboob Babu Nadaf (currently res. Nalavde Chal Shivaji Nagar Kankavali) had come to Tarkarli Tourism Center by motorcycle to visit the Malvan beach.

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In the evening they went down to the sea for bathing. While playing volleyball on the beach, Sufiyan Shaikh and Arbaaz Shaikh went for a swim in the sea. At this time, Sahil Sheikh started shouting that both of them were being washed away in the water. So everyone ran towards it. Mateen Sheikh, Usman Qazi went into the water to save them both. Arbaaz Sheikh was pulled out of the water. At that time Mateen was drowning and came to the shore in a wave of water. But Sufyan was washed away in the sea water. His search was on. Both Arbaz and Mateen, who drowned in water, were brought to a rural hospital in an ambulance for treatment. Doctors gave first aid. But he has been shifted to the district hospital for further treatment.

As soon as the incident was reported, police inspectors Praveen Kolhe, Sunil Jadhav, Subhash Shivgan, Dhondu Jankar and others reached the spot. Further proceedings are underway.

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