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Yandex Plus – this is probably one of those subscriptions that almost everyone has. Firstly, it is very accessible (at least it was until recently), secondly, it is quite profitable and, thirdly, it is diverse, as it includes a large number of privileges. Another thing is that for some reason many people use it only to access Yandex Music and, at best, Kinopoisk. And, meanwhile, prepaid opportunities in Plusa Package much more, and so that your payments pay to the maximum, it is better to understand the possibilities of this subscription. This is what we will do.

Now, as part of Yandex Plus, you can access more additional options

Despite the fact that initially Yandex Plus was intended as a package subscription with access to paid services of Yandex itself, over time the concept has changed a bit. Some of the company’s proprietary services – for example, Yandex Disk – were excluded from the subscription, but many other things appeared instead.

What Yandex Plus gives

Since that time In addition the price has increased. If at first its cost was 169 rubles, now it is 299 rubles. The main reason for the price increase is the transition to family mode. It was decided to remove the individual fee for one user and just leave Plus Finesthat allows you to connect up to 4 people at once.

What Yandex Plus gives.  By default, the list of privileges in Plus is not that big.  Photograph.

By default, the list of privileges in Plus is not that big.

Now the services that make up Yandex Plus are divided into two types: mandatory and additional. The first type includes those services that are automatically included in a subscription that costs 299 rubles per month:

  • Music Yandex
  • Kinopoisk
  • Cashback points in Yandex services
  • Free delivery on Yandex Market
  • Connect up to 6 devices at the same time
  • Alice answering machine
  • Pay in installments on the Yandex Market
  • Opportunity to choose a window seat in S7 Airlines

It seems scarce, but the presence in this subscription access to two streaming services at once is fully justified Subscription costs plus. In addition, it can be issued at a discount if you pay Yandex not directly, but use promotional codes. They are sold on well as in the M.Video and Eldorado networks, where you can delete points and reduce the price of the final subscription.

For example, almost all the members of our editorial board in the middle of the year bought Plus Multi activation codes on Ali for less than 2 thousand rubles. As a result, the cost of the subscription for us was about 130-140 rubles per month, if we break down the amount paid for the whole year. We periodically we publish such promotional codes in the Alibaba Chest telegram channelso subscribe.

Additional options Yandex Plus

Additional options Yandex Plus.  For these options, you will have to pay in addition to the main subscription cost.  Photograph.

You will have to pay for these options in addition to the main subscription cost.

But Plus is no longer a mono-brand subscription. For some time now, Yandex also began to offer optional options in addition to the main subscription, which are issued for an additional, but not very high, fee:

  • Bookmate (electronic and audio book service) – 100 rubles per month;
  • Package X5 (cashback for purchases in Perekrestok and Pyaterochka and free delivery) – 100 rubles per month;
  • Children (entertainment and study for children and their parents) – 100 rubles per month;
  • (movies and series) – 100 rubles per month;
  • MTS Premium (MTS Music, Kion, 20% cashback for MTS services) – 139 rubles per month;
  • Match Premier (Russian Premier and other tournaments) – 299 rubles per month;
  • A match! Football (Bundesliga, Serie A, Champions League and other tournaments) – 380 rubles per month;
  • Amediateka – 400 rubles per month.

Bookmate subscription price

Bookmate subscription price.  If you have Plus, you can subscribe to Bookmate for only 100 rubles.  Photograph.

If you have Plus, you can subscribe to Bookmate for only 100 rubles

Yandex’s last acquisition as an additional service was Bookmate, which can be accessed for as little as 100 rubles per month, provided you already have decorated Plus Multi. This is a service for electronic reading and listening to audio books, a subscription that, before being bought by Yandex, costs from 400 rubles per month. And here we are offered to pay only 25% of the original amount, which is quite profitable.

If you think what to read on bookmate Nothing will happen, don’t worry. The range of the site is quite wide. Here there are not a number of works that I personally would like to read, but there is also very specific literature, including books on the history of the Old Believers, autobiographies and memoirs. Therefore, if you want to be read to you, you will certainly not have a lack of what you can read or listen to.

Where to read books on iPhone

Subscribe to Bookmate separately is no longer possible. Now the principle of connecting to the service is as follows:

Where to read books on iPhone.  The first 30 days in Bookmate will be free for you.  Photograph.

The first 30 days in Bookmate will be free for you.

  • Download your app and enjoy literature for a whole month;
  • After a month, 100 rubles will be debited from your bank card.

And, when you are tired of Bookmate or simply decide to stop using it, you can turn off the subscription to it in the Plus management section. Simply go to the “Additional Options” tab and disable the “Bookmate” item. In this case, Plus Multi will continue to operate, and access to the book service will stop in the next billing period. Until it ends, you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of the site without restrictions. And if the money has already been debited, here we said how to get them back.

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