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A story that awaits before season 3, Netflix offers The Witcher a universe expansion in the form of a prequel mini-series, entitled The Legacy of Blood. We didn’t ask for that much…

We can say that The Witcher Legacy of Blood arrives at a troubled time for the franchise, born from Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary saga. On the video game side, CD Projekt RED studio has announced a reboot of their hit trilogy. On the adaptation side, the Netflix series experienced an earthquake in recent weeks with the announcement of the departure of its star, Henry Cavill, at the end of the future third season. He will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth, known for his participation in the Hunger Games films. A change of headliner, at this stage, is all about the risky bet concerning the future of Geralt de Riv.

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Therefore, the launch of a prequel series comes at the right time, thus acting as a test for Netflix to find out if The Witcher can survive without Henry and especially without Geralt. Admittedly, a first attempt had been made with the animated film The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, but the latter was too tied (too much?) to the Witcher mythology to really provide an answer.

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This is how The Witcher Legacy of Blood arrives, which narrates events that took place 1200 years before Geralt and Ciri met. A “forgotten story” where a group of elves led by Eile, a former assassin from the Crow clan who became an acrobat, Fjall, a warrior rejected by the rival clan and Scian, a master swordsman and former teacher of Eile, will try to overthrow a powerful. sorcerer and the all-powerful Empress of Xintrea. A search that will lead to the appearance of the first Witcher and the famous “conjunction of the spheres” that will forever unite the world of elves, men and monsters.

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Let’s not go around the chamber pot; if you found fault with watching House of the Dragon, the Rings of Power or Willow, these three series nevertheless deserve your full (re)consideration from the first ten minutes of The Legacy of Blood.

What legacy?

Despite the presence of Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, showrunner of the main series, in the production and that of Andrzej Sapkowski himself as a creative consultant, the show piloted by Declan de Barra seems to have no interest in the franchise , which is either written or pixelated. part.

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If, normally, taking an interest in a part of the mythology that was left vague by the author allows greater creative freedom, it is sad to see that in this case he provokes everything and anything with criminal nonchalance. for anyone who is a fan of the universe. How? Simply by having no desire to approach even one step of the depth and complexity of this same universe.

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The Witcher Legacy of Blood is therefore a simplistic show with seven samurai. Sorry, seven mercenaries. Sorry, six elves and a dwarf going from point A to point B and spending their time telling us about a personal past that will never be shown or exploited. For four episodes. The series constantly sweeps its mythology under the rug as if to avoid emphasizing too much its lack of understanding of the subject matter.

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Besides ears, what really differentiates Elves from Men? No idea. What is the nature of chaos magic really? No idea. Even the conjunction of the realms or the creation of the first Witcher seem like obligatory passages of the plot where they should nevertheless be pillars. Regarding the fan-service elements, such as the appearance of certain well-known names in the saga, they contradict what will follow so much that we wish good luck to whoever then wants to connect the dots.

way of blood

Even leaving The Witcher elements aside, The Blood Legacy can only save itself through a few not too badly done action scenes. Because nothing can compensate for writing that doesn’t even care about what it says.

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Every element seems to be placed there only to serve a scenario that progresses on autopilot. We accumulate utilitarian characters who recite lines of dialogue that have no meaning other than a Deus Ex machina function. The series does not stop putting parallel elements to discard them when there is no more use for them. For example, we can cite the importance given to the difference in social class, which disappears as if by magic once the script moves on to something else.

@ Netflix / Susie Allnutt

It is surely the finger of major honor that The Witcher The Legacy of Blood has done to the universe that it intends to extend: that which offers it a superficial non-existence that has no value, no meat. Lack of purpose, ambition, strong themes. The Witcher license has enormous exploitable potential and the video games have shown it. So how does one justify this tremendous praise of the void that is Legacy of Blood?

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