How to copy text from websites, chats and documents on iPhone if copying is prohibited

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One of the features of iOS 16 was the expanded Live Text mode with support for the Russian language. The option allows you to highlight any data in a photo or even a video and copy, translate or transfer it to other applications.

Not everyone found this option useful. The most convenient way to use this feature is to get data from copy-protected site pages, available only to view documents, or from any application where text cannot be selected.

I often use this method when someone in correspondence asks to transfer money to a card, but the number is indicated in the text, and not in a separate message.

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How to copy text from an inaccessible location on iPhone

1. Turn on the option Live Test along the way Settings – General – Language and Region – Text Scanner (if you have not enabled this feature before).

2. Open the desired site, document or conversation with the user.

3. Take a screenshot with a keypress Home button + Power (on iPhone with Touch ID) or Side Button + Volume Up (on iPhone with Face ID).

4. Open the screenshot in the app Photograph and press the button Live Test (in the lower right corner of the screen).

5. Select the desired text and copy it via the context menu.

Using this method, you can easily get any data that is displayed on the iPhone screen.

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