GeForce Now Turkey (GAME+) prices have come up again

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GeForce Now Turkey (GAME+) The prices of the packages offered for the service have increased before 2023.

In Turkey Turkcell GAME+ cloud gaming service GeForce Now 1 month Premium Package after adding to 140 TL3 months Premium Package 300 TL6 months Premium Package 520 TLif the 12 month Premium package 960 TL happened. Given the current prices of gaming computers and the fact that they will become even more expensive in 2023 a service that is still advantageous for gamers with strong internetcontinues to offer free as well as paid packages. This package is basically offered to test the service before purchase because it is only A 30 minute session is given.

Cloud gaming service for non-masters GeForce Now Turkey (GAME+) people, regardless of the equipment they use. own/bought can play all games fluently with 1080p resolution and 60FPS on servers in Turkey. So how much internet do you need for this? The information given in this topic is for 720p at 60 fps 15 Mbps and for 1080p at 60fps 25 Mbps happens at the level.

The explanation for the devices where the service can be used is as follows: “Can be accessed by devices with Windows operating system, devices with MacOS operating system, devices with Android operating system, Chrome-based web browsers (recommended for Chromebook devices) and Safari web browser for devices with iOS operating system .” Answers to all your questions about the service are detailed. here is located

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