Apple failed to make a powerful GPU in the iPhone 14 Pro due to the fault of engineers

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In a new article, The Information he said about the difficult working conditions in the Apple processor development team.

Currently, Apple is embroiled in a lawsuit with at least two startups, Nuvia and Rivos, who have been stealing dozens of Cupertino engineers. In addition, according to Apple, they stole proprietary information about their chips.

But this is not the most interesting fact. It is alleged that the Cupertino team has been developing the next-generation GPU for the iPhone 14 Pro until the last moment. However, at the end of development, an error was discovered in the engineering design.

The engineers were “too ambitious to add new features” and the prototypes required more power than the company could afford. As a result, the chip greatly affects battery life, and it also gets very hot.

In the end, the idea had to be abandoned. [9to5]

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