3 Features Apple Music Should Add in 2023

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Apple’s music streaming platform needs to keep rolling out new features.

Apple Music will continue to improve to offer the best features to its users in 2023.

It’s been several weeks since Apple introduced Apple Music Sing, its new karaoke mode built into the music platform. streaming of the company’s music. The truth is from Apple they usually introduce many new features in their services periodically and we are sure they will continue to do so in 2023, so we will recommend some tips…

Below we select a list of all Apple Music features should include on your music services on streaming for the next year 2023 in order to improve the user experience in the application.

Time is running out: Apple’s long-awaited classical music app is set to launch soon

What Apple Music news are we expecting in 2023?

Classical music

Some time ago Apple acquired the company Primephonic, a Begin dedicated to the development of a classical music platform. Since then, Apple intends to create its own classical music app for iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices.

What we expect from 2023 is that Apple introduces advanced classical music section within your Apple Music app with all kinds of options, filters, playlists and other functions from which users subscribed to the service can enjoy the most popular symphonic works and classical music concerts in history.

Crossfade function

Since 9to5mac suggests that the firm with the bitten apple logo should add a Crossfade function to its Apple Music platform in 2023. A functionality that has been present in the world of music for many years but has not yet reached the catalog of the music platform in 2023. streaming from Apple.

The Crossfade function consists of taking a song gradually reduces its volume while the next song increases its volume. That is, a kind of mix between songs that avoids silences between songs.

Crossfade is available on Mac and Android devices, but has not yet landed on iOS or iPadOS.

Remote control on multiple devices

Spotify offers a functionality known as “Connect” through which it is possible to use a device to remotely control the playback of content on another. It would be great to be able to play songs from Apple Music on Mac and control playback on iPhone or iPad.

There is a similar remote control feature on the HomePod, since Apple’s smart speaker does not have a touch panel complete enough to control audio playback beyond the most basic functions. Also, it is designed to work remotely. But we don’t have such a feature available on other Apple devices.

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