VENUS CONJUNCTION PLUTO – In a swelling vortex of unrestrained feelings

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How to overcome fear, panic, jealousy, urges that often destroy us in a destructive way. Both we and our interpersonal relationships. Potential and opportunities.

Sanja Paraminski, an astrologer

How do we deal with that feeling that takes control over us and makes us irrational. Numb for reason. Tangled in our knots of reality that we try without success to dissolve, while creating new ones all over again.

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Often, people are advised to treat it. To not let that feeling take over. To simply cut off the thought when they come to them and try to walk that “bad” emotion with a leash. Attract to yourself. Solve it with yourself.

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They often say that it is the greatest battle, when a person triumphantly overcomes himself. As if that’s the only way a man becomes a man. But what if it isn’t? Or what if it’s not that easy?

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What if the biggest problem is that we don’t understand our own emotions. Because we label them as enemies that must be defeated. Because we push them away, we pretend they are not our problem.

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We often justify them to other people and situations.

“He created it in me, she makes it out of me, this situation made me behave like this…”

We try to rationalize and separate the part that we have already separated from ourselves, and it is inseparable.

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We pretend that something that is clearly “alive” does not “live” in us. Something that has its own breath, its own rhythm of existence, its own cycles and its own movement.

That jealousy, possessiveness, fear, mistrust, closeness… We label it all as something bad that we have to deal with.

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“Get rid of it to be better. Believe more to be believed. Open up to someone to overcome fear and create closeness. Don’t panic, it’s not that bad. The world is perhaps a better place to live in…”

You’ve heard it all before, right?

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We so sporadically try to solve some “bad” things in order to get to better ones. Without trying to understand our conditions and the moments in which they arose.

Every emotion in a person’s life has its own cause. The beginning. Formation. The fund. And until we become aware of our “triggers”, we will never be able to completely get rid of them.

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This is why we have a large number of people who repeat the same cyclical actions from relationship to relationship, from relationship to relationship. We are a society that expects problems to be overcome. Ostensibly. On the surface. To blame someone else for that problem. Or that a person declares “war” on himself until he gets rid of it.

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Too often we have people who fight with themselves, without understanding that the fight is unnecessary. Understanding is necessary. Find the cause. Trigger. Trigger. What makes you react unfavorably to yourself and others.

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Jealousy, fear, escape from intimacy or ignoring reality are just consequences, and society persistently forces you to fight with them.

Does anyone really care about the cause? Anyone willing to dig into themselves?

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Divide into parts. Peel away every layer of yourself and find that spark capable of making such a fire in you?

The real issue is whether people want to treat themselves. And if others want to deal with others.

Not categorically. Not flat and superficial. Rather, gradual. Gradually. In a process that can generate more value than the simple goals we work for. In the process of getting to know yourself.

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We strive to get rid of everything, we make war with ourselves. We strive to solve something that we often do not understand at all. To open without touching.

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We are focused on solving the effect, not the cause. Because often we don’t even look for the cause.

We reward ourselves with the notions that we believe that a reward awaits us after a “victory”. Better relationships. Friendships. Jobs. Sleep better. A more peaceful life. More quality time.

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And when that doesn’t happen, let’s think about what we did wrong. In this way we did not win a single “battle”, but we think we won a “war”.

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Instead they understand each other. Let’s get it. Let’s focus on ourselves. We hate each other. Move away. Rejected.

They got into a fight with their emotions and reactions. Instinctively and animalistically, because we want to win.

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And all that is unnecessary. Pointless. No results. Except it leads us to greater frustrations. Discontent. Accumulated emotions with which we no longer know where we will go and how we will go.

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Because if you overcome your emotion, will it really leave you? Or some new circumstance, person and situation bring it back to the surface? If you don’t understand the cause of your reactions, do you really believe you can overcome the effect?

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In the end, is the “war” really something that should be done within and with oneself? Because when you beat yourself up, who really loses then? Think about it…

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