how to arrange the furniture?

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The feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the energy of the universe.
According to feng shui, the arrangement of the furniture and the design of the room affects thehousekeeping and the psychophysical well-being of its inhabitants. Objects, furniture, colors allow you to channel the Tothat is thelife energyand creates a dynamic balance between Yin and Yangbetween water and wind, between energy and rest.

If for the most skeptics it may seem an approach without foundations, feng shui is a tradition that is still firmly rooted both in the East, where an expert in this discipline is consulted before buying land or an apartment.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”, the two elements that shape the land and that with their flow determine the well-being of a place. An integral part of Chinese spiritual culture, it is a millennial art architectural assistant which allows to restore theequilibrium in the spaces where we live and work, through the arrangement of the furniture, but also the design of the building.

The goal is to expel negative energies, connect with the primordial elements of the earth, and welcome them. good vibesthe health, luck, love.

The rules

According to feng shui, some orientations and positions are more conducive than others to various activities in the home and in life. All the interior and decoration options, from the colors to the layout of the spaces, must have an assonance with five elements generated by Yin and Yang: water, metal, wood, fire and earth.

Fire is associated with the South, and indicates brightness, creativity and flair; water is to the north, and symbolizes rest and interiority. Metal is in the Northwest and West and refers to organization, financial activities and investments; the world is in the North-East and South-West and concerns the government and the social; finally, wood, in the East and Southeast, concerns travel, trade, inventions.

To design the rooms and distribute the various activities in the house, it is necessary to follow the theory of the five elements: for example, in the South, arrange the activities related to creativity and fire, such as a kitchen and the preparation of the dishes, in the North instead of the rest, and therefore the a bedroom.

Plants are welcome according to feng shui: they bring freshness and good luck

How to arrange the furniture

According to the rules of feng shui, the house should have a regular plan, then rectangular or square. On the other hand, in the interior straight and angled lines interrupt the positive energies, so it is better to prefer furniture with soft and rounded silhouettesarrange the chairs – such as armchairs and sofas – in a circle, and choose round or oval tableswithout edges.

The furniture, as well as the seats, the kitchen, the bed and the desk, must be arranged transversely and never with his back to the doorthat we always have a position of control in the environment and, consequently, also in life.

Chaos impedes the flow of positive energy

The interiors should be bright, harmonious, ordered, free of superfluous elements that can block the circulation of positive energy. Each object has its own energy and is a conductor of energy, so it is very important to choose the right elements: yes to plants, which bring freshness and promote good luck, no to old things (which should also be read as vintage) or broken, but above all they do not accumulate unnecessary items.

To release the energy you need fix a houserepair damaged things, update walls, arrange, clean the windows consider the eyes to see the world. Finally, clearing surfaces to accommodate future abundance, ventilate and purify the rooms with diffusers and scented essences. According to Feng Shui, throughout the year you have move about ten furniture and objectsto keep the energy flowing. Curiosity: in the bathroom, you should keep the toilet closed so as not to let the positive energies escape.

The entrance, the energy portal

in feng shui theentrance is considered as the energy portal, the “mouth” where you let the Ki enter. It is one of the most important areas of the house, not only because it is the visitor’s card for the guests, but also because it is the point of connection between inside and outside, the tunnel for channel your luck and new opportunities. An area, generally little considered, that instead needs to be looked after carefully, choosing small but useful objects, preferring retractable containers to keep everything in order, from keys to coats. Be careful do not put mirrors in the entrance: Reflective surfaces at the entrance can repel the flow of energy.

How to decorate the bedroom

The rest area should be a Norda cardinal point associated with water and relaxation. The bed should be placed as far as possible from the door, therefore transversewith the headboard leaning against the wall, so that we never have our head in the direction of the entrance of the room, a position that can make us feel in danger.

In the bedroom you do not sit never mirrors: it is preferable to place them inside the wardrobes or at least cover them during rest, so as not to disturb the energy field. Electronic devices are also gone. In the sleeping area, also avoid the classic central pendant lamp, but prefer small accent lights near the bed, with a warm and full light with adjustable intensity.

Better to choose comfortable and warm accessories, such as i soft woven carpets and with a rounded shape to soften the clean lines of the bed. By the way, last it doesn’t have to be a containerto let the positive energy pass even below, and it should be of wood and with upholstered headboard.

Feng Shui camera da letto
Photo Of The Lesser Evil

Organize the kitchen

The stove and oven, symbol of fire, should never be positioned near water related devices such as a fridge, dishwasher and washing machine. Also, the burners should be at least as far apart 60 cm from the sink, never in front of or under a window, never in the center of the room.

Important is that when cooking don’t turn your back to the door, to always have control of the environment, feel protected and not lose concentration. In the kitchen, free surfaces, choose closed containers, keep everything tidy, e.g do not leave the knives exposed, because it is a symbol of danger. Attention: the inside of the refrigerator and the drawers must also be kept in order.

What is bagua feng shui

bagua it is divided into “ba” which means eight and “gua”, which means number. In feng shui, the bagua represents one a map formed by eight parts and cardinal points, where each room of the house corresponds vitamin aspecta: love, career, knowledge, creativity, family, relationships, reputation and wealth. To organize the interior after the bagua, this diagram should be superimposed on the floor plan of the house by comparing the center of the map with that of the house. It is a useful tool to find the different activities in the most suitable places in the house.

I colori del Feng Shui

In feng shui decoration, the neutral and relaxing tones, especially in the bedroom. Yes to natural colors, from earthy shades to nudes, from pastels to beiges. With some color accents: for example, in the kitchen, the sphere of fire and creativity, space for shades that reflect and amplify sunlight, such as white, yellow and orange: these last two tones maximize natural brightness and stimulate mood and appetite. While in the bathroom they are good the blues and the greensrelaxing, calming and regenerating.


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