An involved mind! | Sakal

Published on : 20 September 2023, 6:32 pm A+ A- – Dr. Jayshree Fadnavis Modeling, cinematography except in the field of management; Also went to meet a friend who is into film production easily. This friend who entered the business from hobby works round the clock in his field of interest. When I went to … Read more

Heart Attack Risk For Men, Due to this reason the heart of men becomes weak, there will be no way to avoid heart attack, study revealed – study revealed heart attack and cardiovascular disease risk for men gets doubled if they not recieve appreciation

Nowadays, dangerous cases of heart attack are being seen. In which a person suddenly falls while walking and dies. Most cases of heart attack are seen among men. Now a study has made shocking revelations about this danger. According to research, the risk of heart attack in men doubles due to office work. A paper … Read more

‘Don’t go to Jammu and Kashmir’, Canada issues advisory to its citizens amid row with India

News of Wednesday, 20th September 2023 ‘Don’t go to Jammu and Kashmir’, Canada issues advisory to its citizens amid row with India India has reacted strongly to this provocative move by Canada and termed the allegations as absurd Canada on Tuesday (September 19) issued an advisory to its citizens amid the ongoing controversy over the … Read more

Traffic advisory for Moto GP and trade show in Noida, read complete information before leaving home – Traffic advisory Moto GP trade show in Noida ntc

Two big international events are going to be held in Noida from Thursday. One is UP International Trade Show and the other is Moto GP. Noida Police has made complete preparations regarding security and traffic for both the big events, 10 thousand policemen and traffic personnel have been deployed in the district, traffic advisory has … Read more

Nagal in financial fraud; The question of funding for tennis players remains! | India’s top tennis player Sumit Nagal is in big financial problem zws 70

New Delhi : Sumit Nagal, who is India’s top singles player in tennis, is currently in a big financial dilemma. Sumit has less than one lakh in his bank account after matching the one crore rupees required to play in ATP series tournaments. Funding has always been a problem for Indian tennis players. Players are … Read more